MILO Calls for Race War in America…!!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 19, 2019

MILO has taken to Gab to try to incite a race war in America.

The lad writes:

I abhor political violence. Let me be clear about that. But when someone takes away your freedom, your speech and your ability to protect yourself and your family, there aren’t many options left. At least, that’s how citizens quickly come to feel.

It getting close to the time when, per America’s founding documents, citizens will start forming into well-regulated militias in preparation for the lawful defense of the Constitution. And maybe I’m the right person to sketch out how that should work.

You know, maximum cell size. Encrypted comms. Like I said, I abhor violence. But civil war is coming, and, if it does, well-meaning but poorly-informed and relentlessly deplatformed conservatives are going to need a handbook.

This is a GREAT idea.

Just joking. I disavow and so on and so forth.

Also, don’t contact MILO and ask for tips on how to fight a race war. You will get vanned. Or worse, the feds will come to you and tell you they want to help you and say “we just need a box of nails, run to the hardware store real quick – here’s the money” and charge you with terrorism.

But I wanted to bring attention to the fact that MILO of all people is now calling for a civil war – because gee, I guess this is what “nothing left to lose” looks like, huh?

Whatever you think of MILO, he is talented and entertaining, and a lot of people are fans of his. And yet, he has been made completely incapable of having a career because a certain group of people known as the Jews decided they didn’t want him to have a career.

So he is stuck on Gab with a bunch of anti-social weirdos and lunatics, and what do you know – he’s calling for the government to be overthrown.

He is the same person he was. In fact, according to his Gab header image, his hair is actually better.

The people who followed him are all the same people.

Yet whereas he was once a major figure, constantly in the media, he is now a complete nobody.

They told him to build his own Twitter, build his own publishing house, etc.

But it turns out that when you don’t have access to internet platforms, you simply disappear.

Freedom of speech means absolutely nothing when there is nowhere to speak. But the Republican establishment – and many conservatives – have sided with the liberals and decided that weird gibberish about the free market is more important than the Bill of Rights.

Imagine if you decided to list the things that are important to you about America, and you somehow put weird libertarian mumbo-jumbo that hadn’t even been invented when the Founding Fathers were alive above the Constitution itself.

Anyway: MILO.

I’m sure he’s still relatively well-off. He can still potentially end up in a lucrative job somewhere, at some point. It is at least possible.

And he’s ready to start a war.

So what is going to happen when the New York Times and the rest of the media finally succeeds in shutting down 8chan and the other “last refuge” type places on the internet?

What do you think the masses of completely and totally banned people are going to be doing?

The entire purpose of political free speech is that it prevents violence. The concept is that if people are allowed to talk about issues, they won’t resort to violence to solve issues.

Everyone knows this. It was written about extensively, going all the way back to ancient Greece.

But the media has decided to pretend like they’ve forgotten why we have free speech, and instead make the inverse claim – that free speech is causing violence, and shutting it down will somehow prevent violence.

After the most recent shooting of passover worshipers, the New York Times – the Jewish newspaper that famously lied continually about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction in order to start a war for Israel with that third world country – outright stated that 8chan causes violence and has to be shut down somehow.

It’s coming.

And the Jews MUST understand that it is going to cause violence, and simply do not care.

This is all getting very strange.

Before Charlottesville, we had our biggest month ever, getting almost 9 million unique visitors.

Then, my website was stolen, we spent months changing domains, and we were banned from virtually everything. Up until recently, the site was not available in much of Europe, due to our having been banned from various services.

Charlottesville itself – and the neo-Nazi street gang optics of some of the people there – did a lot of damage to what we were doing online. But it is ultimately the censorship that slowed everything down so much.

Before that event and the bannings that followed, I legitimately thought that we were closing in on having an open dialogue about the Jews. If I had not been banned from everything, we would now be at least as big as Breitbart. People would be talking.

And that could very easily have led to a nonviolent solution to the problems we face.

However, the more banned speech becomes, the closer we get to inevitable mass violence.

There is nothing anyone can do about this. Other than Donald Trump, who could order the FCC to regulate the tech industry to protect the Constitution. But he isn’t going to do that. It would be great if he surprises me, but the odds are so very low that I’m not going to even hope for it.

I will continue to tell people not to throw their lives away. But I don’t have the ability to control people’s behavior.

Furthermore, my days online are numbered.

We will always be on the dark web, of course, but we’ve been on there since Charlottesville, and it is still only half of our readership that views that site.

By the way, SAVE IT for when we’re gone:


This is a very sad, strange situation.

But it does appear that MILO is not simply being edgy.

He is just making a prediction. A prediction that is obvious to anyone who knows anything about anything.

And what was the response to his post, asks ye?

A petition to have him deported from the United States.