MILO Book Deal Canceled, Breitbart Probably Will Fire Him Today

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2017

So, MILO’s lost his book deal.

Breitbart is almost certainly going to have to fire him.

Allegedly, editors are talking about quitting if they don’t.

But that isn’t really the point.

CPAC canceled him, Simon & Schuster canceled his book, the entire media is labeling him a “pedophile” – Breitbart doesn’t have a choice but to fire him.

In case you missed it, a video clip was released showing MILO talking about the benefits of faggot relationships between teenagers and older men.

They also, as a side thing, attacked him as an anti-Semite.

This clip.

Here’s MILO’s explanation of the clips.

I wish I felt better about this.

A man who was once labeled by this website as the top enemy of our movement is going down in flames.

I should be celebrating.

Sadly, I am taking little joy in the fall of MILO.

Instead, I’m saying somberly shaking my head and whispering “I told you so” to Breitbart and everyone else who put faith in this faggot kike and let him be used against us in this way. This should have never happened. This man should have never been allowed to be associated with anything right wing. Steve Bannon should not have employed him, people on Twitter should not have entertained him, Richard Spencer should not have engaged him civilly and Vox Day – well. Vox may well go down with him.

This firing is not a win for us and it isn’t about MILO. It’s about the kike media staging a hoax to take someone down that they view as dangerous to their narrative. He was dangerous to their narrative because he was repeating things we said to bring attention on himself – a cheap fame whore exploit.

I lobbied for him to be fired from Breitbart, of course. I lobbied hard for that. But this is certainly not how I wanted it to happen.

The way it happened was a loss to the left-wing Jew media. This was about attacking Steve Bannon and attacking Breitbart. In a broader sense, it was also about the media flexing its muscles, showing that they can just drum something up and destroy a person’s career just because.

Not New Information

This “pedophile” clip, of course, was available online since it was recorded a year ago.

At time of writing, it has over 300,000 views.

I don’t know how many of those are from today and yesterday, but I’m sure most of them were from before.

MILO said similar things about pederasty on Joe Rogan’s podcast, also like a year ago.

That cropped clip has been up for 10 months. I wrote about it in December, after finding it somewhere. I think on Occidental Dissent.


As I wrote about yesterday when this story broke, they are using the nonsensical narrative of “good homosexuals” and “pedophiles.” A move appropriate distinction is between the Hollywood fantasy of homosexuals and what homosexuals actually are.

What MILO is talking about is not “pedophilia.” The definition of pedophilia is attraction or sex with prepubescent children. Not sexually mature teenagers. What MILO is talking about is pederasty – the sexual relationship between a teenage boy and an older man – which is a universal homosexual desire. All “gay” men are either seducing teenage boys or dreaming of doing so. It is a fundamental part of their cult.

It is important to note the difference between attraction to or sex with teenagers and attraction to or sex with children, because this is how the media plays several different little games.

Firstly, as outlined, they are able to pretend that there are “good homosexuals,” when historically it was always common knowledge that homosexuals target teenage boys.

Watch this 1950s PSA.

Everyone was aware of this, before the Jews invented the “Hollywood Homo” who doesn’t do this.

Secondly, by grouping teenagers with actual children, Jews are able to destroy the concept of pedophilia by linking it to sex with teenagers. Because if the word for sex with a 15-year-old is the same as the word for sex with a 5-year-old, they’re able to ultimately discredit the concept altogether.

The retarded narrative itself is a side issue, of course. But look – the Jew X-Men director has been charged with actually having sex with teenage boys, and he’s still allowed to produce 200 million dollar films for Fox. MILO effectively said that this is just normal homosexual behavior – he didn’t even say he does it himself – and that’s what they’re lynching him over.

You see, there is a connection between the clip where he says Jews run the media and the clip where he says gay men have sex with teenage boys – both are truths which he thought he was allowed to tell because he is members of both groups, but in fact, he is looked at as a traitor to these groups for giving away their secrets.

A Media Lynching

The bigger issue here – bigger than MILO, bigger than this weird good “homo, bad homo” gibberish – is the way the media just performed a lynching based on information that already existed and which millions of people were already aware of.

On /pol/ Sunday, someone in a media insider email group posted that they would be doing this on Monday.

Click to enlarge

The post makes it clear that they had held onto this narrative for a while, waiting to spring it. And of course, they did it all at once, in unison, with the “pedophilia” buzzword.

He said that this is a way to hurt Steve Bannon. And that is obviously exactly what it is.

Steve Bannon was MILO’s boss at Breitbart. The next headline you’re going to see is “Did Steve Bannon Know About MILO’s Promotion of Pedophilia?” Through this – and through the fact that MILO was to speak at CPAC, where Trump and Bannon are also scheduled to speak – they tie the word “pedophilia” directly to Trump.

They are going to start introducing Bannon this way – “White House Advisor, who once employed a pedophile…”

I don’t know if that will stick. It probably won’t. Trump and Bannon are both warriors. They fight this stuff off.

Still, this is all very unfortunate.

And it all could have been avoided so easily by simply not tolerating a homosexual Jew.

Do you remember me going to war over this?

If you are a long-time reader, you must remember.

I flipped out when people started cozying up to this Jewish homosexual. Then I demanded Breitbart fire him.

But no one ever listens to crazy old Neo-Nazi Anglin until it’s too late.


So yes. Of course I’m glad MILO is gone. I simply wish that this could have happened differently. A lot differently.

Ultimately, this comes down to people thinking they can make a deal with the devil and win.

I said from the beginning: no Jews, no faggots – it can’t lead to anything good.

And I was right.

Hopefully, we can learn from this moving forward.