(((Milo))) Again Claims the Entire Alt-Right is a Humorous Affair, No One Hates Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2016


The homosexual Jew Milo Yiannopoulos, as of late hailed as the leader of the Alt-Right, has again made the outrageous and utterly baseless claim that no one in the Alt-Right actually hates the Jews and that everything we say is all part of some big silly joke we’re making because of free speech (or whatever).

Appearing with his co-ethnic David Aaronovitch on BBC4’s “The Briefing Room,” he “debated” Cathy Young, who to all appearances has a much better grasp on the movement than he does.

He dodged any and all attempts to explain what the movement is, continually falling back on the claim that no one actually means anything they say.

The whole thing is worth listening to so as to get a grasp on just how this Jew is trying to kike us. Regrettably, there is no transcript. Apparently the BBC thinks everyone has the time to sit around listening to crap on YouTube all day.

But as the faithful servant of the people, I’ll transcribe the parts I found most relevant.

Young: You know, I totally agree that we should be able to have fun and not be so serious all the time, but you know I would kinda hope that you know people’s ideas of mischief do not necessarily boil down to sending Auschwitz cartoons to Jews on Twitter. I do think that there is a very real kind of strain of ugliness and bigotry that is being legitimized here and I do know that a part of the problem is that the left has kind of made these terms meaningless because you know if you can be accused of bigotry for I don’t know wearing a sombrero on Halloween because that’s cultural appropriation, uh, you know

Aaronovitch: Which is what actually happened on an American university campus.

Young: Yes, it actually happened, yes. So these words kind of lose their meaning. At the same time, if you look at what some of these people have on their Twitter feeds and on their blogs in some cases many of them have – it’s pretty clear a very serious commitmentment and interest in anti-Semitic, racist ideas. It’s really not just people having a little fun. And this is something that I think is a real problem. I mean.

Mike Wendling (producer, I guess): Here’s the thing about the internet. There’s a lack of context. So if somebody puts up an offensive image … it’s really hard to tell whether they’re joking or not.

Yiannopoulos: Yes, which is precisely why, though I have a completley different analysis of the situation than Cathy has, ultimately neither of our opinions matter very much, because we’re incapable of reading other people’s minds or determining intentions.

Young: I would sort of question that, if you look at the entirety of a person’s Twitter feed, you can kind of tell if they’re joking or not.

Yiannopoulos: Oh come on, Cathy, you’ve done such good reporting on this in the past … you have been one of the foremost defenders of free speech, but suddenly now, for reasons I can’t work out, your drawing a distinction between good provocation and bad provocation.

Young: Wait a minute…

Aaronovitch: Now, if I can just clarify in my own mind, because this is very unclear: If I was a Nazi –

Yiannopoulos: Yes

Aaronovitch: – and there are some –

Yiannopoulos: Vanishingly few

Aaronovitch: And I was to send this stuff out to Jews, well it’s difficult to tell, if I was or if I was just a … racist or if I was somebody that had a desire to be more racist than I was actually allowed to be and felt permitted by present circumstances, anonymity to do it, what would be the difference between what I send out to Jews and what your playful people send out to Jews?

Yiannopoulos: Well, I can tell you the real racists don’t think anything like the people that Cathy thinks are the monsters, right? They are very serious, they are deep into studies and data attempting to prove that certain races are smarter than other races, they are really into this stuff. For the most part they’re really dorky, and let’s remember also, a lot of these guys are 17-years-old. When they see the right banging on about anti-Semitism, they see no distinction whatsoever between that and feminists banging on about sexism or Black Lives Matter banging on about racism. They correctly see that the majority of the claims made by the media about sexism and racism are bogus and because they have no living relatives who were in the Holocaust, and have never been educated about why the Jewish thing is different, they see no difference when the right does it with anti-Semitism. And so when journalists with Jewish surnames take the bait and start biting back on Twitter, they make themselves a target for ritual humiliation that has nothing to do with anti-Semitism.

Listen, mate.

Let me tell you why that is bullshit.

Cathy Young specifically talks about Auschwitz photos to Jew journalists. That no doubt happens a lot, every day, but the big one who really complained and got it in the media was Julia Ioffe (@juliaioffe). That came after I gave out her twitter account. She blamed me personally for the “harassment and death threats” all throughout the media. She went on CNN and blamed me. Then she joined an ADL council with the specific goal of stopping me from trolling Jews.


After Hillary’s speech, she went on MSNBC to talk about it again – and attack you, Milo.

So what you are trying to tell me is that I don’t hate Jews but just don’t know the real story of the Holocaust and so don’t know that I shouldn’t make fun of Jews.

This is insane – people told me that I was too hardcore, and I was going to make White activists look bad in the media. Instead, I’m being accused of being a jokester who doesn’t even really hate the Jews.


I want to make this explicitly clear to Milo and the rest of the Jew media:

I absolutely hate the Jews. This is not a joke. Yes, I do think it’s funny to send them pictures of ovens and so on, but I think that is funny because I hate them.

My readers make up the better part of the trolls on Twitter. You can scroll through and find my articles linked on most of the accounts.

Of course, you could then say “oh, well, yeah that Anglin is a real Nazi, but they only post links to his site ironically” (you admitted I was a real Nazi when you linked to me recently complaining about how real Nazis don’t like you). But then you could go through and ask any of them posting it if they really hate the Jews. Oh but then I guess you could say when they all answer “yes, I hate the Jews and think they should be gassed” that they’re all joking.

So technically, I guess this can’t ever be resolved. If someone says something as straightforward as they possibly can, and you just say they’re joking, it can go on forever. I mean, you could have Nazis literally marching Jews into fake shower rooms and be like “tehehehe, they’re just being naughty and mocking political correctness.”

I also take serious issue with the claim that there are “vanishingly few” Nazis.


In fact, our numbers have not been higher since 1945. And that is a fact.

Beyond that, what’s this about “Nazis are oh-so-serious”? This is the top Nazi website in the tubes, and we don’t go around being serious all the time.

This is pure nonsense.

And the most remarkable part is that the Jewish media is going along with it.

You have to ask yourself: why is that? Why are they letting this Jew claim that Nazis aren’t Nazis but just think it’s funny to send gas chamber pics to Jew journalists?

Well, presumably, they are trying to confuse the actual Nazis themselves into thinking everyone else is joking, so they start thinking it is a joke themselves. I guess. I don’t really even know. It’s bizarre.

And if it is all a joke, then how is it a political movement? That doesn’t make any sense.

This whole thing is sick and weird.