Millionaire Ball-Monkey Flees on Vacation to Ghana to Escape Slavery

Daily Stormer
July 9, 2017

White Supremacists were using him as a chimney sweep brush, but he managed to get away

If you’re a nigger (or a mulatto, as is the case here), 99% of everything you enjoy in life comes from White people, with the other 1% coming from gooks. Every invention you’ve ever heard was created by one of your worthless kind is a lie – even things that are simple enough that you could believe a nigger came up with them, like rap “music” (which was invented by White people) or that disgusting peanut goo people eat over there in America (invented by American Indians centuries before the first nigger set foot in the America).

This particular mongrel is wealthier than most White people because he lives in a society created by White people, and one that is stupid enough to tolerate creatures like it. And yet, the pube-headed farm equipment still whines, and whines and whines, and blames it’s own obvious inferiority on the people who have given it everything good in its life.

Huffington Post:

In an Independence Day message, NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick questioned the value the Fourth of July holds for black Americans, since the United States was founded on the backs of African-American slaves.

These sub-humans like that lie – that America was built on nigger slaves. No, it wasn’t. It was not made from cotton.

The prosperity and wealth of America comes from the White people living there. If black slavery led to prosperity, the sub-Sahara would be the richest place on the planet, since it has always had more black slaves than the entirety of the Americas combined.

Even today, there are slaves in Africa. This institution doesn’t seem to be helping them much. (Credit: WaPo)

America’s wealth is no more based on niggers than Switzerland’s wealth is based on tractors.

How can we truly celebrate independence on a day that intentionally robbed our ancestors of theirs?” Kaepernick wrote on Twitter.

First of all, no White man ever enslaved a nigger. They were already slaves to other niggers, that’s how they bought them in the first place, and gave them and their even more worthless descendants like you much better lives than they could’ve ever had otherwise.

He instead touted the liberating effects of a recent visit to what appeared to be Ghana.

“To find my independence I went home,” he finished the tweet.


A minute-long video Kaepernick included in the tweet shows various clips from a trip he took with his partner Nessa Diab: villagers welcoming him as he helps them with a building project, a visit to a municipal hospital in the city of Keta, and footage of a European-built slave-trader castle on Ghana’s coast.

The only things worth seeing in the sub-Sahara that aren’t a result of natural phenomena were built by White people.

Kaepernick’s commentary echoes the famous thoughts of the great author and abolitionist Frederick Douglass, an escaped slave, in his famous 1852 speech, “What to the slave is the fourth of July?”

The fourth of July is the best thing to ever happen to your kind, bud. Every nigger that ever picked cotton in north America had a better life than the nigger that sold him in the first place.

Photographic evidence proves that African slaves in America 200 years ago had a better life than Africans in Africa have now. Deray never even attempted to respond to this. Because what response is there? 

Kaepernick also pledged to donate $1 million in charity to underserved communities. As of June, he had given $700,000.

The bad news is that this half-human has more money than most of the people reading this ever will, and it got all that money for essentially nothing (playing a game with a ball) from White race-traitors and kikes. The good news is that we’re not niggers, and that’s worth more than all the riches in the world.