Millie Bobby Brown Forced Off Twitter by Unironic Homosexual Mafia

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2018

When liberals try to understand internet memes (or really anything at all for that matter) is really a sad thing to watch, at the same time it is funny.

It’s sort of like watching a person with no arms or legs get thrown into a swimming pool.

Vox is the worst. These people pretend to analyze internet culture. But I can’t tell if the entire site is just an ironic joke about how backward and clueless liberals actually are.


No one honestly believes Millie Bobby Brown runs over gay men with new cars. Just like no one honestly believes Millie Bobby Brown throws piping hot McCafés at people who wear pride T-shirts at McDonald’s. Just like no one honestly believes that Millie Bobby Brown bullies gay men by sliding into their texts and dropping f-bombs (the one that rhymes with maggots).

But what people don’t believe doesn’t really matter, as Millie Bobby Brown, the 14-year-old star of Netflix’s Stranger Things, deactivated her Twitter account this week, reportedly in response to assertions like these.

These claims are part of the #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown meme, which consists of low-effort pictures — usually screengrabs from Brown’s Snapchat — pasted over with absurdly homophobic statements.

On the surface, the meme is shocking and in poor taste. Falsely portraying this young girl and child star as a raging homicidal bigot is heinous, and Brown deleting her Twitter to avoid this maelstrom is a logical response to the internet’s festering orgy of toilet humor.

If you dig deeper, this is also a story about the internet’s deeply intertwined relationship with irony. It’s about a meme that only succeeds because of how absurd it is, how pristine Brown’s celebrity image is, and how outrage can drive the internet to be the worst version of itself.

This is the serious man who tried to write that shit:

The fuck do you serious people know about irony?

Remember that site the Daily Stormer, where it was just this edgy hipster guy with some weird type of autism who was making fun of neo-Nazis ironically but also ironically actually a neo-Nazi, and then unironic liberals got so confused that the SPLC and like a whole bunch of other Jewish groups sued him in federal court for making fun of them?

There is nothing “ironic” about this “meme.”

Millie Bobby Brown hates trannies and other types of faggots. If she doesn’t hate faggots, then why does she keep telling people she does? Because of irony? Well, that didn’t work for that hipster Asian fetishist who ran the Daily Stormer. They showed his picture to Donald Trump after that ironic rally in Charlottesville that a bunch of real neon-nazis showed up to.

They were so jacked they intimidated all the hipsters into pretending they weren’t being ironic.

Then some ironic hipster got legit tripped out and forgot how many layers of irony he was on and crashed his car into a crowd of people as a joke, and some fat woman had a completely unironic heartattack.

And you want to talk about layers within wheels?

The jacked unironic neo-Nazis who crashed the ironic Charlottesville event were ironically Russian members of Hezbollah.

Where does the line end?

Millie is joking when she insults the Islamic race?

Sure you can ironically attack someone at an airport for being an Islamic, but where do you draw the line?

The reason Millie quit Twitter is because it is a cesspit of faggotry now that all of the ironic neo-Nazis have been banned.