Millennial Redemption: In a Vaxpocalypse, It Doesn’t Matter Whose Fault Anything Is

I generally support anti-boomer memes. The basic fact of reality is that it is truly jaw-slapping just how braindead boomers actually are.

I recently told a story about the bubbling rage and desire for Pol Pot style retribution I felt while watching the story of a boomer who spent 49 days in the political prison for January 6 protesters. I realize, of course, as a basic matter of reality, that after spending 49 days being tortured by blacks, who were torturing him because he is white, he would come out and say “it’s not about race.”

This is a terminal state of the boomer. They do not snap out of it. They will never take responsibility for the fact that they flushed a good country down the toilet for more or less no explainable reason, and they will never let go of the rationale that led them to do this flushing.

So, I think pointing out what happened with the boomers, and pointing to the specific point at which our birthright as a nation was given away to strangers, our Christian values were traded for libertarian gibberish about “what consenting adults do in their own bedrooms” and “she’s got a right to make decisions about her own future,” and the economic opportunities of all future generations were exchanged for inexplicable libertarian gobbledygook that totally overhauled traditional notions of “free enterprise,” is necessary. In my view, all of that can be traced back to a desire for so-called “free sex.” It is the free sex mindset of the 1960s that shaped the entire milieu.

This happened, and it should be analyzed as an event which took place.

All that having been said: my fear with anti-boomerism is firstly that it leads to undue personal hatred towards individual boomers. It’s clear that this boomerism is a toxic mind virus which infected an entire generation, so blaming individuals is irrational. But more importantly, I fear that it can end up serving as a justification for millennial failure.

In some senses, it is a justification for millennial failure. Obviously, if it were not for what happened with the boomer generation, if they had behaved normally, and maintained a desire to maintain the traditions of our civilization, millennials would have grown up as every previous generation grew up, with a clear path towards career and family, instead of this “hey, just try things out, see what makes you feel good, go to college and figure out what you’re interested in” and “it’s good to date different kinds of girls and find someone who you think shares your values and who you can get along with.” When that didn’t result in success for millennials, boomers responded with esoteric material about shaking a firm bootstrap and finding a good girl at a church.

As a justification for the failure of a generation, it works. It’s a coherent explanation of why this all turned out so horribly. Just so, it doesn’t make sense to “blame” an individual millennial for failing to build a career and family. We all know what it feels like to be looked down on and shamed for not meeting the expectations of boomers, even while it was the situation that they created that made it impossible to meet those expectations. It’s very hurtful, and very confusing, to be in that situation. You want to say “look around at the rest of society – it’s not just me.” Eventually, boomers did look around at the rest of society, and began talking about how the millennial generation was all entitled losers who couldn’t firm up a bootstrap if their life depended on it, and they collectively blamed the entire generation, because they are generally incapable of any form of self-reflection, and believe they were part of a great project to enhance society.

But as individuals, these are the cards we were dealt. It is what it is. Nothing is going to change because we are mad about it.

If you’re on a bus, and the bus driver is drunk and drives over a cliff, and you’re broken and bloody from the fall, do you spend your last breaths screaming at the bus driver – “damn you, fiend! You’ve destroyed me! All I wanted to do was ride into town and get some hot wings, and you’ve ruined me!”? Or do you instead use that remaining energy to try to escape the bus before it explodes?

Even if we could somehow force the boomers to acknowledge what they’ve wrought, nothing would come of it. It would not change our situation. We would still have the choice to take responsibility for our own lives, or remain in misery, blaming others for our situation.

As I said in a previous installment – I’m very lucky to have ended up with a fulfilling career. But aside from luck, a big part of it was realizing that being angry wasn’t going to solve any problem, that it was my life, and it had to be my responsibility to make something out of it – or not. I worked, and worked hard. I wanted to be good at something, and wanted to be able to look back and say my life had meaning.

Many or most millennials have embraced their plight, and wear their inability to make anything of themselves as a badge of honor. The most obvious example is the leftists, with Antifa and so on, who blame “capitalism” and “the patriarchy” (basically just “daddy”) for the fact that they are drug-addicted perverts with no job skills or future.

On the other side of the soy, you have the celebration of being a soft coward who instead of getting angry, becomes afraid. Both the celebration of anger and the celebration of fear are uniquely millennial ways to deny personal responsibility.

The more “right-wing” versions of millennials are not as extreme, but they maintain the same refusal to take responsibility for their own lives, or to work hard, or endure hardship, placing blame for the state of their lives on someone else, and using that as an excuse to never really amount to anything. There is always a whiny ineptness, reinforced with emotionalism. Millennials typically build cages in their own minds, where no one else is capable of grasping how bad they have it personally. This also leads to an inability to form meaningful relationships.

I want to say again that I’m in no way blaming anyone, or saying that I don’t understand. I’m trying to explain that I do understand, but that it just doesn’t matter.

This is all very relevant now – more relevant than it ever has been.

Up until now, all millennials had the option of becoming drug addicts, or staying home and jacking off and playing video games, as a response to the difficult job market and the effectively impossible woman market. There were no real consequences for this, other than personal misery and the soul-crushing banality of living a life without meaning.

However, the game has now changed. In a vaxpocalypse, you can’t blame other people for your failures. Well, you can. But it means you end up vaxed, in prison, or dead.

The small percentage of millennials who did manage to make things work are now more or less in the same situation as those who didn’t manage to make things work. That is, assuming both have taken a hard line against the vax, which I assume is more or less all of the remaining readership here. There are very few situations wherein anyone is going to get away with not getting the vax and keeping their job.

What’s more, those who take the vax are not likely to have a job for very long. This “Great Reset” is real, and the plan is for no one to have a job. Everyone is intended to live in small one-bedroom apartments in high-rise tenement buildings, to get credits on an app every month to use to buy soy and insect gruel produced by robots, to get continually vaxed, and to die relatively young. “Taking the vax to keep your job” is a deal with the devil which will not be honored.

(Note: Yes, I am aware that boomers and boomer-adjacent people cannot come to grips with this reality, and keep saying “they want us to keep working and consuming” as if that is the big plan of an unhinged elite group of maniacs. These are the same people who said that coronavirus was real and that things would go back to normal in 2021. They have been consistently wrong about everything, because their assertions are based on nothing other than a feeling they have about “the way things work.” My predictions have been consistently based on the actual documented materials produced by the ruling elite about the future they are building. It is a future where virtually no one has a job. If you just look at all of the basic documents about global warming and “sustainable development” and so on, they are all talking about “downsizing,” “reducing consumption,” “15-minute cities” and so on. Literally, the entire thrust of the global warming and green movement is about removing “consumerism” as the dominant life mode of humans. The only way you can look at that and say “they just want us to produce and consume forever” is if you are in some kind of personal state of denial about what is happening. If you don’t want to read white papers from the Club of Rome or the World Economic Forum, here’s an op-ed from The Guardian summarizing all of this. Obviously, there will be the “Davos Man” technocrat managerial class still working, and there will be some blue collar jobs necessary to keep the lights on and keep the bug gruel flowing. But the labor market will be reduced to a tiny fraction of its current size, and most of the labor jobs will be done by brown people. This coronavirus hoax was not just some gag. At its core, it was about totally transforming the basic nature of every aspect of human society, as well as human beings themselves via the vax agenda. At this point, if you’re still playing with the idea that “it will probably go back to normal because the elite need us to consume products for them,” then you need to do some serious self-reflection, and just consider how different that claim is from the reality that is happening all around you.)

Most of the skills that people learned for a career are not going to be useful in the post-vax environment. A man who was a successful electrician, small business owner, or insurance company operative is not going to be in a better position than someone who was a professional anime masturbator.

There will only be two types of people: the vaxed and the unvaxed. The vaxed will not have a choice save to do whatever the system says, as their immune systems will be dependent on regular injections. All of the various health problems that are going to be caused by the vax will only be solved through modern medicine, which you will only have access to if you are “fully vaxed,” which as Fauci himself has confirmed, will require you to have the current booster. We saw in Israel last month that when the Jews did not get their latest vax, their vax passport was turned off.

Those who are unvaxed will be forced to figure things out on the fly, and simply survive, while being outside of this system. As I’ve been saying for nearly two years now, the number one thing to do, right off the bat, which I hope you’ve all already done, is get out of the cities. Get involved in a community, get people around you who are unvaxed and willing to refuse to cooperate with this vax system.

From there, you’re just going to have to figure it out. Things will happen. All kinds of things will happen. And your survival will be dependent on your ability to deal with those things. You will not be able to say “this is the boomers’ fault they did this vax system” and then retreat to your room to play games. You will either survive, or you won’t.

Surely, it is possible to do everything right, and still end up dead or in some homosexual-operated torture center. You’re going to survive by the Grace of God, or not. But God helps those who help themselves.

Everyone has a chance here. Every day, I become more confident that this system is not really going to last very long. A new day is going to come, and it is likely going to come pretty quickly. But we are looking at about a decade of absolute hell on earth in the cities, and we don’t know how much of that is going to spill over into the rural areas.

What we do know is that the elite are already in a state of manic panic as things are not really going according to plan. My assertion has been, and still remains, that the feds are going to have their hands full trying to control the cities, and trying to implement this “sustainable” agenda of forcing everyone to live in these tiny apartments and eat bugs. I think with resources stretched as thin as they are going to be stretched, “putting down rebellions in the provinces” is going to be very low on the list of priorities.

What will happen though, and could well begin here in a few months, is that cities will be locked down, and they will not allow traffic in or out. They did some version of this in some states during the first lockdowns of 2020. And maybe they will lock it down and open it back up again, then eventually lock it down permanently. Maybe all of the worst things won’t even begin until the winter after this one. That’s possible. I doubt it, but it’s possible.

Whatever the case, the best starting point for a survival plan for this vaxpocalypse is a place outside of the city. Once you’re there, your number one priority should be acting like a normal person (no Jew rants!) and making friends with the locals. Be a likable, normal, Christian man who is really bothered by what is going on in the cities and is looking to be closer to the real people of this country. Country folks might not like city folks as a rule, but they’re also aware that they are looked down upon and consistently insulted by the entire media and the government, and simply telling them that as a big city person, you think they’re the heart and soul of this country, will win a lot of people over. Aside from the Jew thing (and to some extent the race thing, depending on the context), you’re probably going to find that these people hold very similar political views to your own as regards the gays, immigration, the collapse of the family, the socialist agenda, and the vax.

From there, you can’t go wrong doing whatever you can to learn useful skills – hunting, fishing, farming, construction, and so on. If you find yourself a meager dwelling and then present yourself well, as a normal person, and let people know you’re looking for meager honest work to feed yourself, you’ll be able to find someone who’s willing to give you a job doing something for minimum wage (painting barns, mowing laws, chopping wood, digging ditches, shoveling snow, filling potholes, loading trucks – whatever).

Here’s the thing: don’t do the job like a millennial. Go into it saying to yourself “I’m going to do this job like my grandfather would have done this job.” Imagine your grandfather watching you. Don’t give up because it’s too hard, don’t whine, don’t do it half-assed, don’t take constant breaks, don’t be late, don’t take days off – don’t do any of the things millennials are known to do. Understand: this is not about building a career. It’s about ingratiating yourself into a community, and getting some small money for the basics while that’s still feasible. Show up at whatever appears to be the main church every Sunday (on time), and be personable. Introduce yourself to the pastor. Put money in the collection plate. If you get along with people, they will invite you out hunting and fishing, or just out shooting. You have the excuse that you’re born and raised in the big city, and you don’t know how to do this stuff. You’ll get invited to picnics and other things.

As far as the move itself: there are really cheap houses in small towns. Small, rundown houses. But it’s a roof over your head, and once you’re involved in the community, you can ask people to help you fix things. If you don’t have enough money for a house, you can likely find something for rent. Just drive out to these places, a minimum of 30-40 minutes from an urban center (further from the big urban centers), and start talking to people. Dress casually. Tell them your story – the city has gotten too crazy and you’re looking to go someplace with normal people. Someone will know someone with a room or a small house for rent.

But again – I trust you’ve all already begun this process, as I’ve been harping on it for two years.

Everyone has a chance to survive what is coming. And even if you don’t have a chance to survive, you have a duty to try. If you’re stuck like most millennials in the millennial mindset, you just have to overcome that, and do your best to make it through this most bizarre period in human history.

There will be women on the other side. And they will not be running things.

If you’ve done things wrong in the world before the vax, you have a clear opportunity to redeem yourself.