“Militia” Retards are Having Their Own Charlottesville at Stone Mountain Today

These gun protesters – the people who go out in public with guns, for whatever reason – are having a big protest at Stone Mountain in Georgia today.

The event is still ongoing, right now, so it’s hard to really understand what is happening, but it’s apparent that whoever controls these people wanted to create a Charlottesville type situation.

Before the event, the mainstream media was referring to them – falsely – as “white nationalists.”

Case in point, this article from INSIDER:

Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park and its surrounding areas are closing on Saturday in anticipation of protests by white nationalists and antifa counterprotesters.

“The City of Stone Mountain is anticipating and preparing for at least two (2) opposing groups of protesters whose intentions are to demonstrate at Stone Mountain Park on Saturday, August 15, 2020,” the city government said in a Friday statement.

“Stone Mountain Park has made the decision to close the Park on this day. While the city has little information what to expect during this time, out of the abundance of caution we are asking the General Public to avoid the City of Stone Mountain, specifically the downtown area, on Saturday 15th, 2020, beginning at 4:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. midnight.”

“DO NOT confront the protesters,” it added.

A separate statement from the city government on Friday said that residents and business owners “may want to consider refraining from travel and other activities within the City that may heighten the risk of engagement with the demonstrators or with any other aspect of the demonstration.”

Here’s a Ruptly livestream from earlier today that you can skim through to get an idea what this is.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is doing live updates on the event, and publishing a lot of photographs. Basically, we see heavily armed cops, heavily armed “militia” boomer retards, and Antifa burning flags. The Antifa outnumber the protesters.

The park is closed, so these people are all just out on the street, in front of the park or near it.

For those who do not know, I’ve made my opinions on these people with their guns clear in several places. This is probably the best article on the topic: These “Armed Protesters” Showing Up at Anti-Lockdown Rallies are Making a Mockery of the Concerns of the People.

Basically, these people turn any event into a circus, and no one understands what the hell they’re doing with these guns. I still have absolutely no idea.

In my view, guns are not a toy, and the only time a man should be armed for war is if he’s going to war. If these people want to dress up in these outfits and then go to war with the government, that is their prerogative. They could even go out there and say, “we’re going to start killing people if you don’t meet our demands,” and that would make sense.

But if they want to play dress up and march around and feel like big men, then I think they’re a bunch of fags, who are making a joke out of the issues that people are protesting, making a joke out of guns, making a joke out of the country.

What they do is prohibit normal people from protesting.

But hey – at least this is their own protest, and they’re not invading other people’s protests like they were with the lockdown protest. If they want to hold their own protests and march around with guns telling the world, “HEY WE’RE BIG GUYS HERE, WE’VE GOT BIG DICKS, LOOK AT THESE GUNS,” then okay.

But they will not ever accomplish anything, and this might well turn into a bloodbath before the day is done. If it doesn’t happen at this event, it will at one of these events, and that will be used as a pretext to disarm the public.

At time of writing, this is the most recent update on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Police officers have begun to move into the city of Stone Mountain but they are staying back from the protesters and not making any effort to keep the groups apart. Over loud speaker, counterprotesters are warning members to be prepared for tear gas.

A second militia group, the Confederate States III% militia, has now arrived on the scene, carrying Confederate flags and a banner reading, “All Lives Matter.” The group was denied a permit to protest in the park.

So, the cops are doing the same thing they did at Charlottesville: standing back and gassing the groups after forcing them to be in the same area together.

Obviously, someone is controlling these Facebook groups and telling these boomers that it somehow makes sense for them to go out to protests in military costumes with guns. This isn’t something that happened in America before Facebook. We always had guns in this country, and no one ever thought to go out and protest holding guns until these Facebook groups were created.

I’m a suspicious person, but I think even a less suspicious person would be suspicious about what exactly is going on with these groups. I think the feds are running them. And I think they are going to set up the big one soon enough, where they send out two groups that they control – boomer gun people and Antifa – and create a bloodbath and then blame right-wingers.

I now believe that Charlottesville itself was a gigantic trap, set up on both sides by the feds. I’ve written about it before. I should probably write more about that at some point. But I have good reason to believe the whole thing was a scam.

I’m not going to give hourly updates on this Georgia situation. If something pops off, I’ll come back and update this article. I doubt that it will today; there aren’t really enough people there and it doesn’t look like they’ve had many violent interactions.

If it doesn’t happen today, it will happen sometime, probably before the election.