Military Helicopter Shot Over Virginia – Pilot Hit with Bullet at 1000 Feet!

A lunatic, unexplainable event has taken place.


A US Air Force helicopter was shot at near Manassas, Virginia, on Monday injuring one of two pilots on board, according to an Air Force official.

The UH-1N was flying 10 miles northwest of Manassas on a routine training mission at an altitude of 1,000 feet when the incident occurred. It landed safely at Manassas Regional Airport west of Washington, DC, and the pilot was taken to hospital where they were treated and released, the official said.

The incident is now under FBI and Air Force investigation to determine if the helicopter was deliberately shot at or if someone was randomly shooting into the air. The aircraft will be closely inspected for other damage, the official added.

The airport operations officer Richard Allabaugh reported its air traffic control tower was notified of an “an onboard emergency on a military helicopter that was inbound.”

Paramedics were called to the airport.

This makes absolutely no sense at all. The helicopter was at 1000 feet and moving at what – 100 miles an hour? More?

How is it possible for anyone to make that shot?

It makes no sense. It would have to be a… robot?

And who would do it? Is this a Black Lives Matter attack? Is it the boogaloos, protesting racism in the military?

I guess if it was done by a human and not a robot, it was probably someone drunk in a field who did it randomly because they didn’t think it was possible they could actually hit it.

The frustrating thing is that we will almost certainly never know. No one is going to do this and then turn themself in. There is no way to catch them.

If this becomes a pattern – attacks on the military – we are going to enter into a much heavier situation, very quickly.