Military Base “Accidentally” Uses Coronavirus Vaccines Instead of Other Vaccines

It’s just a big mixup!

But also, it’s a helpful mixup, because humans always need more coronavirus vaccines.

This is the most deadly virus ever, and the only way to stay alive is to take nonstop vaccines.

New York Post:

Three people at a military base in Tacoma, Washington, were accidentally given COVID-19 vaccines while trying to get other jabs, officials admitted this week.

“Joint Base Lewis-McChord is aware three people were inadvertently administered the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine instead of another vaccine at the Lewis Main Exchange,” Army Col. Joey Sullinger told Military Times on Tuesday.

The statement did not say what vaccine the three had been seeking, and Sullinger did not immediately return The Post’s calls early Wednesday. The Pfizer shot is the only COVID one offered at the base.

The Army did not identify the trio who were accidentally jabbed, and the statement did not say if they were accidentally given extra shots or were previously unvaccinated.

“This incident is under investigation,” Sullinger told Military Times.

Kinda racist to be investigating this, frankly.

People are dying in the communities.