Milan: Egyptian Immigrant Brutally Attacks Two Elderly Italian Men “For No Reason”

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2019

One of the victims.

Just when you begin to wonder whether diversity truly is our greatest strength, something like this happens and you feel ashamed for having ever doubted it.

Vox (Translation):

He brutally assaulted two elderly people for no reason.

He did it in two different areas of Milan. State and local police arrested him for attempted murder and serious injuries.

The instigator of the violence, which took place yesterday afternoon (but only made known today), was a 31-year-old Egyptian.

In the Baggio area, in Viale Armed Forces around 4.30pm, the African ripped a curtain rod from a man in his seventies and repeatedly struck him with a series of fractures and injuries to his face and arms.

The North African then fled and, about an hour later, in Via Cascina Bellaria, he threw a bicycle at him and then kicked and punched an eighty-year-old.

The immigrant, with precedents for crimes related to immigration, threats and family violence, was blocked by a Local Police patrol reached shortly after by the State Police that was looking for him. He gave no explanations. Now he is in San Vittore.