Mike “Slow Mike” Pence Says WHO Wasn’t Hysterical Enough About This Flu

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2020

We are dealing with cascading layers of confusion now.

Donald Trump’s initial reaction to the allegedly unique coronavirus was that it was just the flu. That has now been fully borne out by the evidence. There is now no serious person on earth who believes that this is anything other than the flu.

Tucker Carlson got on board a few days ago, backing off of blaming “zipperheaded dog eaters” and basically admitting (in so many words) that he was wrong along with everyone else to play this up, and saying that it is now time for everyone else to admit they were wrong.

Instead of doing that, however, the Trump Administration is going around saying that WHO was wrong – for not being hysterical enough!

Mike “Slow Mike” Pence is out there spinning this narrative as the corona mania narrative collapses.

Fox News:

Vice President Mike Pence told “Hannity” Wednesday night that the U.S. will ask “tough questions” of the World Health Organization (WHO) over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic after the global health agency’s director warned President Trump and other world leaders against “politicizing” the outbreak.

“This is a president who believes in accountability, and the American taxpayers provide tens of millions of dollars to the World Health Organization,” Pence said. “And as the president said yesterday, I suspect we will continue to do that, but that doesn’t mean that at the right time in the future we aren’t going to ask the tough questions about how the World Health Organization could have been so wrong.

“Literally at the time President Trump stood up the coronavirus task force in January and suspended all travel from China, just days before that, the World Health Organization was continuing to diminish the threat of the coronavirus and its impact in China,” Pence added. “We’ll get to the answers of that and we’ll create accountability, just like the American people would want us to do.”

Trump has accused the WHO of being “very China-centric” and claimed they “really blew it” in their initial response to the pandemic. On Tuesday, Trump initially told reporters that the U.S. was “going to put a hold on the money sent to the WHO,” but walked back that statement when questioned, saying only that he was “going to look into” cutting off funding to the agency.

In response, WHO Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters Wednesday: ““If you don’t want many more body bags you refrain from politicizing it – please quarantine politicizing COVID.”

Jeez, that sounds like a threat, Tedros.

“Cut my funding and the body bags will stack higher than ever before.” -Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Between Tedros and “Black Surgeon General,” it is simply impossible for me to explain how tired I am of being told that black people are smarter than me.

But I’ll tell you: I would have some respect if instead of issuing a statement about bodybags, Tedros would have dropped a diss track about bodybags.

But listen: Trump is doing the exact opposite of what he should be doing right now. WHO was right in the beginning, then went wrong, and none of this has anything to do with China – the only thing about China that matters is the fact that we didn’t learn anything from what happened in China.

If we would have actually looked at China seriously, we would have found out that the virus wasn’t anything to be afraid of.

All China ever did was lock down one city and tell everyone else to wear masks. They told old people to stay inside, did a couple of other reasonable measures while we were still figuring out if there in fact was anything unique about an apparently very standard corona flu virus. (We also now know that the CCP was operating under the assumption that this was a biological weapon from the United States, which no doubt played a role in their extreme caution.)

Then, at some point in February, everyone in the West began to go apeshit for no clear reason. Italy was drummed up as a “hotspot of a global pandemic,” even whilst in reality, nearly 100% of people dying had preexisting conditions, and the average age of the dead was 80.

The actual data was ignored completely by all Western governments (except Sweden, for some reason), in favor of embracing the unhinged sensationalism of the medical establishment. Virologists and epidemiologists, along with an army of social scientists, rolled out pre-made pandemic models and claimed that millions would die.

Anthony Fauci literally said that if we didn’t destroy our economy, 1.5-2.2 million people would die in America.

There was literally no reason, ever, to believe that millions of people would die worldwide, let alone in America.

Point being: Donald Trump should be leaning in to blaming WHO for collapsing the economy. Not blaming them for not being hysterical enough in January. If WHO and the rest of the establishment – and in particular the media – would have remained calm, we would all be living our lives normally, with a normal amount of annual flu deaths.

Instead, we’re looking at an insane science fiction dystopia, with the Jews saying they’re going to keep us locked in our houses for years while they try to figure out how to handle a pandemic that didn’t ever actually happen.

It is all just unfathomable.

Trump is going to need to blame someone for the economic collapse, and in order to do that, he needs to point out that this is a gigantic hoax.

WHO is the perfect entity to blame. He also needs to blame Anthony Fauci and Andrew Cuomo, the media, and other villainous hoaxsters.

Basically, what “Slow Mike” is doing is the exact opposite of what he should be doing. If he’s blaming WHO for not being hysterical enough, it is going to be a lot harder to come back around and blame them for being too hysterical.