Mike Pompeo Starts Crying When He Hears of Navalny’s Arrest in Russia

Russia made it 100% clear they were going to arrest Alexi Navalny if he tried to return to Russia, because he’s wanted on all of these fraud charges that are totally unrelated to politics.

The man is a career criminal who was handpicked by the CIA to become a “political opposition” figure because they couldn’t find anyone else willing to do it.

He is literally just a caricature of the most totally standard greasy Russian scam artist, of the kind you saw in films throughout the 1980s.

Fox News:

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took to Twitter late Sunday to criticize Russia’s decision to arrest Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader who just returned to Moscow after recovering from nerve agent poisoning that he blames on the Kremlin.

“Deeply troubled by Russia’s decision to arrest Aleksey Navalny,” Pompeo tweeted. “Confident political leaders do not fear competing voices, nor see the need to commit violence against or wrongfully detain, political opponents.”

Jake Sullivan, President-elect Joe Biden’s national security adviser, also took to Twitter to call for Navalny’s immediate release.

“The Kremlin’s attacks on Mr. Navalny are not just a violation of human rights, but an affront to the Russian people who want their voices heard,” Sullivan tweeted.

Navalny’s detention at passport control in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport was widely expected because Russia’s prisons service said he had violated parole terms from a suspended sentence on a 2014 embezzlement conviction.

No, I mean – seriously.

In 2014, before anyone in the West knew who this guy was, he was convicted and sentenced for ripping off the French cosmetics company Yves Rocher. He was running a local Russian distribution outlet for the cosmetics, and was collecting the wholesale products and then distributing them at a discount. It was the French who accused him of it and brought it to Russian court.

He’s also got all these other criminal cases, which you can read about on Wikipedia (it’s obviously biased, but you can see that these aren’t just some wild accusations).

His brother went to prison for it, and the only reason that Alexi’s sentence was suspended is that the Russian courts didn’t want to look like they were cracking down on a minor, irrelevant political figure.

There’s no mystery here. He was convicted of a totally unrelated crime, and then fled the country. I don’t think he’s going to get put in jail again, but this is why Russian authorities detained him – not because he’s a political dissident.

He purposefully refused to have lawyers deal with this Yves Rocher case before returning to Russia (something that wouldn’t have been difficult), because he (or rather the intelligence agencies that manage him) wanted to create this scene of an arrest at the airport.

This whole Navalny story is stupid. He poisoned himself, or was poisoned by the Western intelligence agencies, in order to gain prominence and sympathy.

Putin said it best last month.


Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed Thursday that opposition politician Alexey Navalny “is enjoying the support of the US special services,” adding that if Russian special services had wanted to kill him they would have “finished it.”

Putin’s comments came in response to a question at his annual press conference following an investigation by the investigative group Bellingcat and CNN, published Monday, which uncovered evidence that Russia’s Federal Security Service (the FSB) formed an elite team specializing in nerve agents that trailed Navalny for years.

The CNN claim is that a team of thirty highly trained KGB agents were tracking Navalny for years, and then when they decided to poison his tea, using a highly volatile chemical weapon (instead of some normal poison), they used the wrong dose!

This is ridiculous! It’s just stupid!

This story would not work as a children’s fairy tale, because the child would keep interrupting with “but why tho?”