Mike Pompeo Says That Donald Trump was Sent by God to be the Savior of the Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019

Donald Trump on Thursday officially recognized the Golan Heights – a part of Syria stolen by Jews in 1967 – as belonging to the State of Israel.

It was a Purim Miracle.

This is lunacy – and it is illegal – but given the state of things at present, not especially surprising. Trump exists to serve the Jews. That is what MIGA is all about.

What was a little bit surprising – at least a little bit – is that Mike Pompeo went on the Christian Broadcasting Network after the announcement and said that Donald Trump has been chosen by the Jewish God to save the Jewish race.

The CBN guy asked Pompeo: “Could it be that Donald Trump has been sort of raised for such a time as this, just like Queen Ester to help save the Jewish people from an Iranian menace?”

“As a Christian I certainly believe that’s possible,” Pompeo said, adding, “I am confident that the Lord is at work here.”

For those of you who don’t know who Queen Esther is, she is a Jew woman who seduced the King of Persia and convinced him to commit mass murder against his own people to protect the Jews who were getting pogromed for ripping everyone off with their filthy swindles.

It is recorded in “The Book of Esther” which is available in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible if you want to check it out. Christians cannot explain why it is in the Bible, because it doesn’t even mention God – it is just a story about Jews slaughtering people who took issue with their behavior.

Thursday was the Jewish holiday period of Purim, wherein the Jews celebrate sending this woman to seduce a king and convince him to slaughter his own people in the name of Jews. I wrote about this topic recently when the fat Jewish New York Times journalist Bari Weiss called for white people to be genocided as a response to the the New Zealand mosque shooting.

The CBN guy fucked up his analogy. Donald Trump would actually be Persian King Ahasuerus, the goy who betrayed his own people in the name of the Jews.

Trump making the announcement on a Jewish holiday celebrating the mass murder of non-Jews is truly beyond the pale. Saying Israel owns the Golan Heights is in itself beyond the pale. Not even Israel claims that they own the Golan Heights – they say they’re only occupying it because they need a security barrier with Syria.

In actuality, it is a staging ground for bombings of Damascus, which Israel does every few days – just to remind them.

There are very few settlements there (relatively) – and there are still a bunch of Syrians living there (though those numbers are not clear).

Pompeo also confirmed to CBN that Trump is completely reversing his plan to remove troops from Syria.

It’s just incredible to watch Donald Trump do all of this stuff that not even George W. Bush would do for Israel, and then do absolutely fuck all for the people that elected him.

I stand thunderstruck.

I am almost in awe of just how badly this man has fucked us all over.

And by “us” I don’t mean far right internet people. I mean Americans.

I think of all of the people who did so much for Trump, who lost so much by supporting him, and who truly believed he would do something for them.

I think of all those working class people at the rallies. All these downtrodden people who thought he would help them get jobs, help them deal with the drug problems, help them return to having cohesive communities by removing these sickening immigrants.

He has done



For America. 

He’s kicked us all down the stairs.

I Can’t Psychologically Manage Another Maniacal Boomer Evangelical President

Bloody hell.

We’ve gone all the way back to where I was as a teenager, when boomer Evangelical lunatics were talking about how George W. Bush was bringing about the apocalypse in the name of Jesus by invading Islamic countries at random.

That was so disgusting. I am also disgusted by atheism, but that situation that those of us in the midwest went through in the 90s and early 2000s makes me understand and sympathize with “atheist” millennials. Atheists are certainly less disgusting than boomer Evangelicals – and Atheism is really only a thing because of boomer Evangelicals.

Basically, boomers gutted the entire religion of Christianity, and made it about how if they served Jews, they would be able to live forever by being sucked up into heaven by a kind of Space Jesus before the apocalypse.

This is what boomers actually believe.

Yes, Evangelical Christianity was invented by Jews – at least the boomer form of it – and all these televangelists were being paid off and given free jet planes by the Jews. But these boomers believed it, and the only way you could believe something so twisted as this is to be a deeply, deeply self-absorbed sociopath.

You younger kids probably don’t remember this.

Evangelical Christianity was – and apparently it still exists, because I guess the boomers aren’t dead yet – a doomsday cult that was cheering on the wars in the Middle East. For the express purpose of trying to trigger a world war, because if they did that, then they wouldn’t have to die.

These fat, stupid motherfuckers – who couldn’t even manage the most basic Christian duty of not getting divorced – had this bumper sticker on their cars:

“WARNING: in case of rapture, this car will be unmanned”

They thought they were going to get sucked out of their cars into space and it was going to cause car crashes.

They even did imagery where planes crashed because the guy flying it was a Christian.

So, Christian pilots were flying planes with non-Christians while thinking that at any time George W. Bush could pull off the return of Jesus and all the non-Christians on the plane would die?

That is mass murder. 

Just try to imagine being a boomer. Imagine attempting to purposefully bring about the end of the world because a guy on TV told you if you did you would never have to experience death. Just try to imagine that level of self-absorption.

If you’re not a boomer, then I guarantee you would be able to do it. And if you are a boomer, you won’t be able to imagine it either, because you personally being the center of the universe is the only reality you’ve ever known.

Arguably, Global Warming is the millennial version of Evangelical Christianity. It’s definitely a doomsday cult, and it’s just about as goofy as Space Jesus.

But it isn’t callous and selfish. The Global Warming cultists aren’t trying to start a world war and kill everyone on earth by invading random countries in the name of Jews. They just want to shut down all the cars and electricity and force everyone to live like the Amish.

Which, to be honest, is actually a pretty good idea.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is literally a better person than White Christian Evangelical baby boomers.