Mike Pompeo Goes to Jamaica to Threaten People for Working with China

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2020

You might not like Mike Pompeo’s belligerent and psychopathic politics. But you have to give it to him: at least he takes care of himself and is always presentable.

What is it supposed to mean when a top US official goes to a foreign country to “caution” them against working with a third foreign country?

Is there any way to interpret that as something other than a threat?

Why is the entire United States now Mike Pompeo’s personal army? Did anyone vote for this situation? Because I did not.


U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, on a visit to Jamaica on Wednesday, cautioned nations against taking “easy money” from China, warning it could be counterproductive, in a second attack in as many days against China’s economic role in the region.

Pompeo has been a vocal critic of Chinese investments across the globe that the United States terms “debt diplomacy,” alleging that it leaves poorer nations saddled with too much debt.

On a final stop of his Western Hemisphere tour, Pompeo questioned what value Chinese money brings if it “feeds corruption and undermines your rule of law.”

“Look into those investments if in fact they ruin your environment, and don’t create jobs for your people,” Pompeo added.

Of course they create jobs.

All investments lead to job creation.

But the US doesn’t create jobs. Instead, they spend trillions on invading and occupying countries, then allow the international private sector to sweep the profits.

On Tuesday, he drew the ire of Chinese officials when he said “flashy” Chinese economic promises often produces debt dependency and erode the sovereignty of borrower nations.

China’s embassy in Costa Rica responded in a statement that Pompeo spoke “irresponsibly” during his remarks in Costa Rica, saying his assertions were “arbitrary and without grounds.”

While in Kingston, Pompeo also doubled down on his criticism of Venezuela’s government, telling Caribbean nations that they should look to boost ties with Washington instead.

Why would anyone want to be tied to a failing country of belligerent and obese lunatics who try to go around threatening the entire world into submission?

The US is a dying empire that is engaged in a sick plot to bring as many countries down with it as possible.

This reminds me of that time Donald Trump tweeted about my comments about Mike Pompeo.

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