Mike Pence Warns Idiot Goyim of Rising Islamo-Socialism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2019

So we had this 20 year war on Islam. Now we’re cycling back to a war on communism.

But Mike Pence be like:

The real threat is a Jihadi communist alliance.

No one can explain why communists who are dressed up like terrorists and can barely speak English are serving in the US Congress. The reason no one can explain that is that if you tried to explain it, it would be anti-Semitic.

An even more intriguing question is why an Islamo-communist infiltrator in our government is speaking more honestly and accurately than a white guy in government. You also can’t explain that, because the explanation would be anti-Semitic.

Because the answer to every question of any relevance whatsoever is anti-Semitic, no one bothers to ask any relevant questions, so what you get is an endless stream of maliciously unintelligible gobbledygook.

This gobbledygook then leads to the masses of people simply shutting down and shutting off, or worse, choosing to take positions that do not make any sense.

Ilhan Omar is right about Venezuela, of course. This impending war situation is completely insane. But she is also the epitome of a cartoonish anti-American villain, so her opposition to a US invasion of Venezuela is the best propaganda imaginable for lunatics like Mike Pence who are attempting to garner support for such a project.

The only way to understand anything that happens in the world is to understand that the entire Western world is run by Jews who pretend not to be running everything, and that they – for whatever reason – have an agenda to create a one world government and destroy white people.

Looking around anywhere, this is self-explanatory. You can see all of the Jews running everything. We’ve been over all of this so much; every day we cover stories about the power of the Jews.

Part of the reason that people cannot accept this obvious reality is that they’ve been brainwashed into being sympathetic to their own abusers. But another part – probably a bigger part – is that people cannot grasp the motivations of the Jews.

You can go into evolutionary biology and get a good explanation. But most people can’t handle that. It’s too big-brained. It is actually easier to simply say that they are satanic creatures hellbent on destroying all that is good and pure in the world of men.

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