Mike Pence Targeted by Aggressive CNN Jew, Forced to Say He Doesn’t Believe in QAnon

QAnon is being made into the “Pepe Nazis” of 2020. It’s not as extreme, but they’re doing the same playbook – “what do you know about these bad people who support you???”

Frankly, whatever you think about QAnon, it’s kind of suspicious that people who oppose pedophiles are being framed

Mike Pence was cornered by the CNN Jew John Berman, who demanded that he explain what he knows about QAnon. He asked him about Donald Trump’s recent refusal to denounce QAnon (Trump said he would try to stop pedophile cannibals if he could, which for reasons unknown has really angered Jews). Berman claimed that QAnon supporters are violent criminals. He then implied that it is impossible for someone who believes the elite are satanic pedophiles to love America (this is an aggressive non sequitur, whatever you think about QAnon theories).

Pence, being that he is really a standard politician (he ain’t no Donald Trump), squirmed and said he didn’t know anything about it. This is a problem, I think. When Trump says, “you know, well, I don’t know anything about that, actually,” everyone kinda gets that he’s saying, “f you, Jew, I’m not playing this game with you.” It’s much harder for a hardened politician to play that game.

Jew Berman knew that and said, “how can you not know anything about it, given how much it’s been in the news?”

Pence tried to do the typical “pivot to talking points” technique, but the Jew kept pressing him about Q. He cited the Jews’ favorite Republican, dyed in the dung piece of shit Ben Sasse attacking Trump for not condemning Q – “Ben Sasse said, ‘QAnon is nuts, leaders call conspiracy theories conspiracy theories,’ will you call what they believe conspiracy theories?”

Pence cucked, of course, but in a politician’s way where he refused to say the whole disavow, just saying that he already said he doesn’t believe it.

I wish he would have just went full-2016 Trump and said, “well, maybe they’re onto something. Maybe these issues need to be investigated. Do you have tunnels under your home?”

I guess we’re going to be hearing more about QAnon in the weeks to come. I don’t really believe in QAnon when it comes to selling children at online furniture outlets or Trump playing a high level game of chess against satanic pedophiles, but I am certain elite satanic pedophiles are a thing, and I’m amused to see the media attacking people for opposing satanism and pedophilia.

We will keep you updated on the latest Q-related media happenings, right here at itaintamistakesnowflake.com.