Mike Pence Claims Venezuela is Providing a Base for Iranian Terrorists

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2019

Mike Pence wants us to believe that we have to invade Venezuela because they are secretly conspiring with Iran to set up a base of operations for Iranian terrorists. 

Since nobody is buying the narrative that the Venezuelan government has to be overthrown in the name of freedom and democracy, Vice President Mike Pence is shifting gears. He’s claiming that Venezuela is providing a base for Iranian terrorists and that this is the new reason why we have to go to war and overthrow their government.

Washington Examiner:

Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro is partnering with Iran to establish a beachhead for terrorist groups in the Western Hemisphere, Vice President Mike Pence warned Tuesday.

“The Iranian regime has been working with Venezuela’s corrupt dictatorship to establish a safe haven for its terrorist proxies,” Pence said in an address before the Council of the Americas.

Maduro loyalists deny that Hezbollah, the preeminent terrorist subsidiary of Iran, has a presence in Venezuela, even though the regime’s top diplomat traveled to Beirut to meet with a Hezbollah leader last month. U.S. officials have contradicted those denials for years, but Pence’s State Department speech intensified the allegations just days after the dictator withstood an opposition-led call for a military uprising to overthrow the regime.

The United States recently took the unprecedented step of classifying Iran’s military as a terrorist group, and Pence is using this new classification as increased justification to claim that Iran is now sending terrorists into Venezuela.

He further bolstered his case by citing the launch of a direct flight between Caracas and Tehran.

Pence discussed the Iranian connection in his speech, citing last month’s “very public launch of direct air service between Caracas and Tehran by Mahan Air, a blacklisted airline controlled by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, which President Trump recently designated as a terrorist organization.”

Obviously, this entire narrative is absurd. A direct air connection between both countries doesn’t prove that Iran is setting up a terrorist base in Venezuela, and labeling a nation’s military as a terrorist organization is just retarded. You would only do this if you had ulterior motives and were looking to manufacture an excuse for war.

But even if we suspend our disbelief and take Pence at his word that Iran and Venezuela are doing this, why should we care?

The United States spends $700 billion a year on the military, which is exponentially more than any other country in the world. Iran and Venezuela combined do not have the resources or the capabilities to threaten the United States.

Any national security threat believed to be posed by these two countries could be solved with strong borders and immigration bans. It would not require waging a costly war to overthrow Venezuela’s government.

And while Pence and the other neocons around Donald Trump are obsessing over Venezuela and Iran, America’s borders are being overrun with orc hordes from Central America. If these people want to do war so bad, why can’t they at least do it against the countries that are facilitating this ongoing invasion? What would be so hard about that?