Mike Lindell’s Documentary ABSOLUTE PROOF Proves ABSOLUTELY That the Election was a Fraud!

The MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell has released ABSOLUTE PROOF of election fraud in his new documentary ABSOLUTE PROOF.

This documentary is censored all over the internet, but we can bring it to you here at the Daily Stormer.

(If that video goes down, you can click this magnet link using Brave Browser and download the torrent.)

In it, he goes through the excruciating detail of how the Dominion Voting Machines were used to change votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

No one can watch this video without having it 100% proved to them through ABSOLUTE PROOF that the election was a fraud.

I’m actually being slightly facetious.

I watched this documentary, and I don’t actually feel that I could summarize the content of it at all, let alone that I’ve seen ABSOLUTE PROOF.

What I learned in this video is that I really, really like Mike Lindell, that he is perhaps the last true American left in America. I learned that if everyone who voted for Donald Trump had the integrity and the spine that Mike Lindell has, that there is no way the Democrats could have gotten away with this fraud.

I am actually awed by the way that Mike is willing to throw away his entire life, his entire business, in this fight.

Frankly, the video itself is ultra confusing, and throughout most of it, I had no idea what was even being discussed.

Virtually the entire video is focused on the Dominion Voting Systems theories (or proofs – maybe they’re proofs, I can’t say because I couldn’t understand any of it, he just keeps showing these really long tables of data).

He opens with discussion of dead people voting and unregistered voters having their votes counted and so on – and this I think is closer to what the focus should have been.

Here’s the situation: we know from the 30,000 foot view that it is impossible that Joe Biden won the election. We know that it is simply not within the realm of reality that he got 81 million votes, the most votes in history. We know that the turnout rates are so far out of the norm, that they are statistically impossible. Everyone is sort of aware of that.

From there, you have to break it down and explain how this happened. I said from the very beginning, when they introduced mail-in voting, that it was going to be impossible for Trump to win. That is the core fraud here.

However, apparently, using the mail-in voting, they didn’t have enough fake ballots, so they had to shut the vote count down in all of these states, and then block out the windows, ban all the observers, and bring in boxes and suitcases full of new votes.

As far as I can tell, this is at the core of the fraud:

  1. The initial mail-in scam, which allowed for mass ballot harvesting, where no signature verification was required
  2. The three AM shut down of the counting, when the counting facilities were locked down, and video showed new cases full of ballots being brought in

In my personal opinion, although there could have been fraud through Dominion Voting machines (and presumably there was, on whatever scale), we should have focused on those two main areas, because that could potentially have been proved.

The thing about the Dominion machines is that it can’t ever be proved either way. Furthermore, if the issue was Dominion Voting machines, they wouldn’t have had to shut down the count at three AM. Computerized machines can act instantly.

But Mike Lindell is showing things like this:

Talking about how China is backtracing the signals, or whatever, and it is all just terribly confusing, and if it does prove something, no one that watches it is going to be able to understand what it proves.

In the weeks after the election, I watched Mike, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, and an army of people on the internet, switch from talking about the mail-in ballots, and the boxes brought into the counting facilities, to talking about these machines. I think that was a mistake, and I think there was someone behind the scenes misleading them.

That said, even if they did have ABSOLUTE PROOF, it wouldn’t matter. There was nothing that could have been done to change the outcome of this fraudulent election, given that the media was all on board with it, and they have the ability to silence everyone who wasn’t on board with it.

We have the admission that they did this now, in TIME Magazine.

I just want to say it once again: despite the fact that this documentary is confusing, Mike tried his best here, against all odds. Mike Lindell is one of the single most heroic figures in America, and on the planet, and words cannot describe the depth of my awe at his devotion to this fight for our country.

MyPillow is probably going to get shut down, frankly. But until then, do what you can to support Mike.

For the time-being, MyPillow.com is still active. I urge everyone to go on there and buy the pillows, towels, whatever else he is selling.

I am also officially pre-endorsing Mike for whatever office he wants to run for. He obviously won’t win, because voting is no longer a real thing, but he might be able to make some noise.