Mike Lindell is Going to Reverse Sue Dominion Voting Systems

Remember to watch Mike Lindell’s documentary ABSOLUTE PROOF if you want to see ABSOLUTE PROOF that the election was rigged by Dominion Voting Systems (actually, as I wrote in my review, I’m not really so sure about this claim – but watch it anyway, it’s a good time).


MyPillow founder Mike Lindell continues to push controversial election fraud claims, this time saying he could possibly sue voting software companies like Dominion in an effort to get to “the truth.”

Discussing his new film ‘Absolute Proof’ on Steve Bannon’s ‘War Room’ podcast, Lindell had an “epiphany” when speaking about Dominion and Smartmatic, two companies he continues to say implemented machines that were manipulated in Joe Biden’s favor during the presidential election.

Lindell’s epiphany was a threat to figure out a way to sue Dominion if they did not agree to meet with him to discuss his election fraud accusations presented in his ‘Absolute Proof’ documentary, which premiered on OAN on Friday to mostly mockery, especially due to a disclaimer that ran before the film that distanced the network from the film and wanted viewers not to take the material as “established fact.”

“I will go after them, if there is a way to do it, I will do that for the American people,” Lindell told Bannon. “The truth needs to come out. So if the truth does not come out here and they keep suppressing it, what other recourse do I have? Then I have to bring them to court, and Smartmatic, bring them all to court.”

He suggested the discovery process in a court battle could bring forth hard evidence related to the election against Dominion.

On what exactly his lawsuit would be, Lindell suggested a defamation suit may have the best chance at success.

Dominion has already threatened Lindell with a defamation suit over his election fraud allegations, sending him a cease and desist letter threatening imminent legal action. He has said multiple times he welcomes the legal battle.

Thomas Clare, an attorney representing Dominion, has even suggested OAN could face legal action over the airing of Lindell’s ‘Absolute Proof’, which heavily targets Dominion, saying the disclaimer does not protect them from liability.

Dominion is going to sue everyone, and the courts will allow it.

It is really incredible the way that these civil lawsuits are used as a way around the First Amendment. This is exactly what happened to Alex Jones. He is being completely destroyed in a “libel” suit for saying that Sandy Hook didn’t happen.

These Sandy Hook people were all out on TV calling for gun control laws. They were absolutely public figures. You’re allowed to have an opinion on the truthfulness of what they’re saying.

With Dominion, this is a major company that was majorly involved in the election. Claiming that it is illegal to question them, under the threat of a civil suit that will destroy you, means that the First Amendment is null and void.

Lindell was on NewsMax last week, and they kept telling him he couldn’t talk about election fraud. He kept pushing the issue, and eventually, the host got up and walked off the set.

It wasn’t that the host cared about Joe Biden or whatever – he was afraid of getting sued. Everyone is now scared to death of getting sued. This is the absolute definition of a “chilling effect.”

I just want to say that even though I wasn’t totally impressed with his film, I support Mike 1000%. He is a true patriot, and one of the last men left, frankly, that is willing to truly go all the way to fight for our country and our people.

If all of the 74 million people who voted for Trump had the bravery and integrity of Mike Lindell, there is no way they could have stolen this election as they did.

Instead, we now have a situation where not only was the election fraud totally verified by the illegal and criminal government, but it is now de facto illegal to talk about the election. People are now officially being banned from Twitter – as Mike was – for violating a “civil integrity policy” that says you have to believe there was no fraud in the election.

The Gateway Pundit was just banned for that, and it is only a matter of time before TGP gets the Stormer treatment, and their domain is removed from the web.