Mike “Faggot’s Bane” Pence Doesn’t Need No Gay Mask

Mike Pence is standing with the people for once, refusing to wear a mask while visiting coronavirus patients, showing through action that he thinks this is a hoax.

I’ve been largely disappointed with Pence, but these images are golden.

According to the media, he’s basically doing a Luke Skywalker, walking through a hail of blaster fire with a look of determination on his face.

Of course in actuality, a healthy man in his 50s can get this virus and not even know he has it. Even fatty fat fat Boris Johnson recovered in a few short days.

Daily Mail:

Vice President Mike Pence flouted the Mayo Clinic’s face mask policy on Tuesday when he visited doctors and patients the Minnesota hospital, not wearing the protective covering despite the hospital requirement.

The clinic asks all visitors to wear face masks to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, which is also a recommendation the Trump administration has made.

‘Part of our protocol for ensuring your safety is to require all patients, visitors and staff to wear a face covering or mask while at Mayo Clinic to guard against transmission of COVID-19,’ reads the Mayo Clinic’s policy, according to its website. ‘If a patient or visitor does not have a mask, Mayo Clinic will provide one.’

But Pence did not wear one when he met with staff and a patient at the Rochester, Minnesota, facility, nor when he visited a lab on the campus. Photos and video footage shows he was the only person visible who was not wearing a face covering.

He said he didn’t wear one because he is regularly tested for the virus and doesn’t have it. He added he wanted to look people in the eye and thank them. The masks cover the nose and mouth but not a person’s eyes.

Well, covering your mouth does make it more difficult to read your eyes. This is why Asians love these masks.


I wish the Trump Administration was doing more to push back against this hoax.

But I’ll take what I can get.