Mike Enoch Addresses His Security Chief Being a Heroin Dealer and Fed Informant by Defaming the Guy Who Asked About It [UPDATE]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2019


Despite Mike Enoch’s claim that he won’t be addressing this, he is continuing to address it. Probably because every single person on Twitter is asking him about it, and he doesn’t have anywhere else to run, what with having already shut down all of his comments on his website and banned half his Twitter followers.

People are asking why he won’t talk to me.

He’s saying “why would he want to talk to me if he thinks I’m a fed.”

Wow, brilliant word games, Mike. No wonder you became such a celebrated podcaster.

I would like to talk to you to prove my points. And I would be more than happy to be proven wrong. Maybe this is all some big mix-up.

Maybe Jayoh got off on the federal drug charges by serving in South Africa. Maybe the feds said “we could put you away for years for dealing heroin, then lying to us about how you were going to turn over your friends, then fleeing federal authorities by escaping to South America – but we’ll let you go if you work as a mercenary in South Africa. Then, you’ll be free to go run security at a neo-Nazi group of your choosing, and we’ll completely leave you alone forever.”

If that’s what happened, I’m sure Mike can just go ahead and explain it to me and all of the other inquiring minds who want to know.

And further: maybe all of the repeated public and secret communications with the fed snitch Christopher Cantwell were all part of a big mix-up. Maybe when Alex McNabb, Eric Striker and Morrakiu all had friendly interactions with a fed snitch, it was just all some big coincidence and an accident. Maybe Jayoh – who is totally cool after having been cleared of all those felonies somehow – being in a secret backroom chat with the fed snitch Cantwell was also a coincidence or an accident or something?

Maybe anyone who asks about any of this is mentally ill and a secret agent working for the SPLC? 

There would be a whole lot to discuss, I think.

Mike can also question me about his theories that I’m mentally ill and working for the SPLC. I’d be totally happy to answer any questions about that.

I’m an open book here, Mike. You can do a full psychological test on me. Full psychoanalysis to figure out what kinds of mental disorders I must have that would lead me to question you. You can have as much time as you like to do your psychoanalysis. No problem.

Of course, he can’t ever have a conversation with me, because no matter what, lying about all of this is going to look better than trying to explain it.

His only option is to fire Jayoh and say that he lied his way into power and no one knew anything about him (which I don’t believe is true or at all believable), but then he has the problem that he let a completely ridiculous liar, who is almost certainly a fed, run security for his group.

Mike’s entire strategy here is to try to get you to not listen to the tape.

Listen to the tape.


Original article follows.

Mike Enoch on Monday took the very brave step of addressing the fact that his chief of security is on record saying he fucks trannies, sells heroin and fled America after making a deal with the feds to be an informant by… attacking the guy who asked him about it and accusing him of all sorts of things, including mental illness and being an agent of the SPLC.

Let’s check it out!

Weird start, but okay…

You just don’t know, Mike? You’re so confused that you must assume that I’ve gone mental, seeing as I would dare ask what is going on with this recording of your chief of security saying that in 2012 he fled the FBI to South America after promising them he’d turn over his heroin customers?

And what do you not know?

Did you not know that I called you, repeatedly, and asked you why that no fewer than four of your employees were associating directly with a fed snitch, Christopher Cantwell? Did you forget that when you wrote this tweet?

Maybe I’m part of a conspiracy against you??? Because who else would take issue with your multiple public and secret connections with feds???

Ah, yes.

I must be working with the SPLC.

It makes perfect sense they would use me to get to you. Instead of just shutting down your payment processing – your VISA CARD PAYMENT PROCESSING – which they could do with one phone call. Instead, they would employ me to bring up the fact that you are surrounded by feds.


Ah yes, it was all a big troll.

No need to go into details about it. Anyone who would even wonder about the fact that the guy was talking about fucking trannies, selling heroin, making a deal with the feds and then fleeing the country as a fugitive would have to be an agent of the SPLC or Matt Forney. There’s simply no other reason anyone would ask about that.

Just like there is no reason that anyone other than the SPLC would ask about why this same person was in a secret backchannel chat room with the self-admitted fed snitch, Chris Cantwell, who regularly calls the feds on white nationalists.

None of that is suspicious – what is suspicious is asking about it. 

Matt Forney read my article on his podcast. I found the recording on 4chan. Someone had been posting it there for a week.

Nursing what grudge, Mike?

Where did the grudge come from? And is it a grudge? Why not elaborate on that, buddy?

Was the “grudge” based on the fact that you have spent months attempting to resurrect not only the fed snitch Christopher Cantwell, but also all of these costume people, including Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach? Who the heroin dealer and fugitive Jim Object is public about his relationship with?

(15 minute mark on this podcast has Jayoh talking about hanging out with Heimbach sometime earlier this year, long after the cuckbox broke.)

I promoted you for years and years Mike. And I went to bat for you when it was exposed you had a secret Jew wife. I put my own reputation on the line defending you.

My only grudge is that you promote feds and obese costume freaks who I believe are probably feds.

And I never called Matt Forney a fat liar. Are you alleging this was in a private conversation, Mike? Are we going to start spilling private conversations now? You might want to ask Eric Striker about that. Eric Striker who is out there accusing me of being a Jew. Ask him if he thinks it’s a good idea for us to start spilling private conversations. I think he might not like that idea.

You don’t have to speculate about anything, Mike – I told you straight up, before you blocked my phone. I asked you why you were sending your people to promote the fed snitch Chris Cantwell. I told you to give me any reason not to go public with my concerns. And you blocked me.

Then you continued to promote Cantwell on your show, as well as all of these costume freaks that anyone who isn’t full-retard simply assumes are feds. Then it came out that Jayoh – the head of your security – was in a secret chat with the fed Cantwell and the costume freaks Matt Heimbach and Tony Hovator.

And THEN it comes out that Jayoh was a tranny-fucking heroin dealer on the run from the feds in South America fleeing MULTIPLE FELONY CHARGES after he’d told the feds he was going to cooperate with them a mere three years before he became your chief of security. 

So I’m sorry, Mike, but I refuse to believe that you’re in a position where you feel you need to be making speculations.

“Bad faith interpretations”???

What the hell does that mean?

You tell me how you interpret these statements, Mike:


  • Description of arrest and fleeing law enforcement: “Someone snitched me out and the empire sent 40 goons with AR-15s, full body armor and APCs to burn my house down, took me and my roommate in, refused to give us lawyers. They thought we were part of some huge syndicate or something. Refused to give us lawyers, food, etc. No phone calls. And when our friends and family were able to sort of locate where we were, they denied that we were there, held us for a couple of days, talked my roommate and I [unintelligible]. My roommate at the time who had no knowledge of what I was doing whatsoever got us both out of them. They thought I was a part of some vast criminal conspiracy, so they threatened to charge me with all sorts of things I had nothing to do with but were far beyond the scope of what I was getting into, so I really had no choice but to hustle out.”
  • Doing heroin and having sex with trannies while being enrolled at Harvard: “I went to Harvard while I was shooting dope. I like to you know party hard, going around until three in the morning and blackout with trannies and then get up the next day and maybe write a paper deconstructing Kevin Carson.”
  • On drugs: “I am a proponent of what others would call drug abuse.”
  • Getting into Harvard: “I was at the University of Chicago, the home of Milton Friedman … I applied to Harvard just to see if I could get in because I was in the middle of this gonzo journalistic adventure into the dope culture in Detroit. And I said ‘hey on this horrifying 14 day bender, I wonder if I can get into Harvard.’ So I went for it and I got in.”
  • On escaping America as a fugitive: “There is a romance to it, especially literally being flown out at 400 feet, you feel like James Bond. Here’s the deal, if I’d stayed put, I was certainly screwed. By going on the lam I had to trust a number of people I didn’t know if I could trust. There were people who I knew no better than I know you. All I know is that they’re anarchists … I reached out to a number of those people … and said ‘hey I need a favor.’”
  • Redpilling P-Funk on the ancap question while escaping America: “A couple of months ago when I was on my way out of the country, I happened to cross paths with three members of P-Funk, and I was wearing my anarcho-capitalist hoodie that like I had custom made for me or whatever and the one guy says ‘anarcho-capitalism, what’s that about? Fuck the man, get paid?’ and I said ‘Yeah, but be careful not to get paid by the man, or you’re just as dependent’ and he was like ‘no I understand.’”
  • On feds trying to get him to flip and how he was released from jail after promising cops he’d turn others in: “See when they held me and didn’t want to feed me or give me a lawyer or a phone call, and wouldn’t tell me family and friends where I was, it’s cuz they were trying to get us to flip. And if they acknowledge that you’re in there… first off, no lawyer is going to suggest you turn snitch. And as long as they. So let’s say, you get arrested, someone you’re dealing with comes to see if you’re locked up and what’s to know if you might flip or whatever, so they deny your presence so they can put you back out on the street, and you can make up some excuse for where you were. They did everything in their power to try to convince us to flip, first through the carrot and then through the stick. They’re telling me stuff like ‘oh well, under the Patriot Act we could essentially just have you disappeared, blah blah blah.’ At first, they were trying to say ‘okay you guys can walk away on this, but you’re gonna have to turn some people over.’ … they eventually cut us loose, because I said ‘okay here’s my problem, I do all my business through the internet, I don’t know the people I’m dealing with, but I can go find you some people, because you know, I’m really scared of you guys and blah blah blah blah blah. But you gotta let me and her out, because it’s the weekend and the time to go do it’ … and they cut us loose and we vacated. We just up and disappeared at that moment.”
  • On sex: “I guess I’m into the sort of thing a guy who talks like me is into. There are people who have sort of kinky proclivities and then there are those of us who are outright mad. And I fall into that latter category. … I like to make a conscious, volitional decision to say ‘I want to do something so weird tonight that it is going to keep me up in the future.’”
  • On BDSM: “I get into the BDSM thing. I’ve never really been into the scene, I don’t know, a lot of people who are into it come across really corny.”
  • On bloody sex: “I’m not so much into the leather and chains thing, I’ve got a thing for blood. … Drug abuse and razor play, especially when you mix the two, which is exactly what I’m outright advocating.”


Please, go through them one by one, and give us your interpretations, Mike. 

I’m fascinated to hear them.

And yes: I felt personally humiliated listening to that podcast. It was degrading and dehumanizing to have to listen to something that sick.

What accusations?

That Jayoh is the head of your security?

That is what you call him on your own shows. I have made up absolutely nothing.

I don’t know what that means, but I’m trying to respond to all of these.

What I will say is that anyone who listens to that Jim Object podcast, then hears you say “that wasn’t a big deal, it was just a joke bro” and then gives you their personal information deserves whatever happens to them as a result.

That’s right!

I must be working with the SPLC!

Why would they take the five minutes to make the call to shut down your payment processor when they could do whatever the hell this conspiracy you’re alleging I’m involved in is???

They might have sued me, shut down all ability for me to make money, sued my family, harassed everyone I know, sent agents to harass every person I went to high school with – but I’m their perfect agent to take down Mike Enoch, their biggest threat. Who they allow to use a VISA payment processor. And to operate freely on Twitter.

Their number one agenda is to shut down people who associate with Chris Cantwell.

Yep, Mike.

My “gay op.”

A gay op to post a podcast of the head of your security talking about fucking trannies on heroin before he tricked the feds into thinking he was going to go snitch so he could flee America… only to return 3 years later to run security for your gang.

I’m the gayest op of all.

But seeing as how you have nothing to hide here, and this is all completely above board, why not do a podcast with me, where we hash this all out?

Surely you can’t be worried about giving me attention – I have ten times your audience, bud.

I’d be giving you attention.

And when you made me look like the fool I am – and an SPLC agent even – you’d end up GAINING major audience members.

Let’s do it, Mike.

How about tonight?