Mike Enoch Accuses Andrew Anglin of Being a Mentally Ill SPLC Agent! WOW!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2019

In a shocking turn of events, after it was exposed that the head of security at TheRightStuff.biz was a heroin dealing fugitive, Mike Enoch has responded to the issue by accusing the person who brought it up of being a mentally ill agent of the SPLC.

So, uhhhhh.

That’s a cool story, bro.

Seems a little bit nutty to suggest that the most banned person ever in history, who recently was involved in some rather unfortunate dealings with the SPLC, is actually a secret agent of the SPLC. Especially strange when you’re sitting on a $200,000 a month income from VISA and Mastercard, while I’m scrounging around with bitcoin. And while you’re saying all of this on Twitter, where I’ve been banned from since 2015.

But assuming your entire conspiracy theory is all real, and I’m a mentally ill SPLC agent and whatever else you just said – how about that recording where the head of your security talks about being on the run from the feds for dealing heroin?

How about the part where he says he told the feds he’d turn others in to them, before he fled the country for South America?

What’s up with that?

And what’s up with the fact that he was in a secret chat room with the fed snitch Christopher Cantwell, who you promote?

Because whether or not I’m a mentally ill SPLC agent, that stuff remains true. And it remains unaddressed by you.

Here’s That Info – One More Time


Some choice quotes from the podcast:

  • Description of arrest and fleeing law enforcement: “Someone snitched me out and the empire sent 40 goons with AR-15s, full body armor and APCs to burn my house down, took me and my roommate in, refused to give us lawyers. They thought we were part of some huge syndicate or something. Refused to give us lawyers, food, etc. No phone calls. And when our friends and family were able to sort of locate where we were, they denied that we were there, held us for a couple of days, talked my roommate and I [unintelligible]. My roommate at the time who had no knowledge of what I was doing whatsoever got us both out of them. They thought I was a part of some vast criminal conspiracy, so they threatened to charge me with all sorts of things I had nothing to do with but were far beyond the scope of what I was getting into, so I really had no choice but to hustle out.”
  • Doing heroin and having sex with trannies while being enrolled at Harvard: “I went to Harvard while I was shooting dope. I like to you know party hard, going around until three in the morning and blackout with trannies and then get up the next day and maybe write a paper deconstructing Kevin Carson.”
  • On drugs: “I am a proponent of what others would call drug abuse.”
  • Getting into Harvard: “I was at the University of Chicago, the home of Milton Friedman … I applied to Harvard just to see if I could get in because I was in the middle of this gonzo journalistic adventure into the dope culture in Detroit. And I said ‘hey on this horrifying 14 day bender, I wonder if I can get into Harvard.’ So I went for it and I got in.”
  • On escaping America as a fugitive: “There is a romance to it, especially literally being flown out at 400 feet, you feel like James Bond. Here’s the deal, if I’d stayed put, I was certainly screwed. By going on the lam I had to trust a number of people I didn’t know if I could trust. There were people who I knew no better than I know you. All I know is that they’re anarchists … I reached out to a number of those people … and said ‘hey I need a favor.’”
  • Redpilling P-Funk on the ancap question while escaping America: “A couple of months ago when I was on my way out of the country, I happened to cross paths with three members of P-Funk, and I was wearing my anarcho-capitalist hoodie that like I had custom made for me or whatever and the one guy says ‘anarcho-capitalism, what’s that about? Fuck the man, get paid?’ and I said ‘Yeah, but be careful not to get paid by the man, or you’re just as dependent’ and he was like ‘no I understand.’”
  • On feds trying to get him to flip and how he was released from jail after promising cops he’d turn others in: “See when they held me and didn’t want to feed me or give me a lawyer or a phone call, and wouldn’t tell me family and friends where I was, it’s cuz they were trying to get us to flip. And if they acknowledge that you’re in there… first off, no lawyer is going to suggest you turn snitch. And as long as they. So let’s say, you get arrested, someone you’re dealing with comes to see if you’re locked up and what’s to know if you might flip or whatever, so they deny your presence so they can put you back out on the street, and you can make up some excuse for where you were. They did everything in their power to try to convince us to flip, first through the carrot and then through the stick. They’re telling me stuff like ‘oh well, under the Patriot Act we could essentially just have you disappeared, blah blah blah.’ At first, they were trying to say ‘okay you guys can walk away on this, but you’re gonna have to turn some people over.’ … they eventually cut us loose, because I said ‘okay here’s my problem, I do all my business through the internet, I don’t know the people I’m dealing with, but I can go find you some people, because you know, I’m really scared of you guys and blah blah blah blah blah. But you gotta let me and her out, because it’s the weekend and the time to go do it’ … and they cut us loose and we vacated. We just up and disappeared at that moment.”
  • On sex: “I guess I’m into the sort of thing a guy who talks like me is into. There are people who have sort of kinky proclivities and then there are those of us who are outright mad. And I fall into that latter category. … I like to make a conscious, volitional decision to say ‘I want to do something so weird tonight that it is going to keep me up in the future.’”
  • On BDSM: “I get into the BDSM thing. I’ve never really been into the scene, I don’t know, a lot of people who are into it come across really corny.”
  • On bloody sex: “I’m not so much into the leather and chains thing, I’ve got a thing for blood. … Drug abuse and razor play, especially when you mix the two, which is exactly what I’m outright advocating.”

And I’ll Tell You One More Time

If you’re stupid enough to be involved with these people, you deserve to be in prison.

Mike will not talk to me.

He will not answer my questions.

He will not explain anything.

What he will do is post some stupid shit claiming that I’m both insane – because I’d have to be insane to question him, right? – and an SPLC agent (because why not?).