Mike Cernovich Goes Full Boomer, Says Support for Israel Too Popular to Question!

Daily Stormer
November 14, 2019

The Monkey Mindset man is angling to be the next victim of the Groypening.

He’s sticking his ape snout into the ring of the Groyper War with unsolicited commentary on our strategy and tactics.

His latest Tweet, for your consideration:

I don’t doubt that 72% of Mike Cernovich’s audience supports Israel, because he caters exclusively to Boomers and eclectics I wouldn’t allow near my family.

But the youth is not about that life, Mike.

And why are we even talking about these people? Did Charlie Kirk start his “Culture War” tour of college campuses to engage the Boomers or did he do it to target the college youth?

Did you see any older folks getting up to ask Charlie Kirk questions during Turning Point USA’s struggle sessions with the people?

It also doesn’t have any direct relationship to elections, even – other than that we’re trying to educate voters. Charlie Kirk isn’t running for election, none of our questioners are running for election. This is about building a base of young people who understand and support our agenda, so that as Boomers exit the stage, we have a new base of support for BASED AND REDPILLED agendas.

“You won’t be able to stop the kikes because the older generation’s minds have turned to mush!” -t. Mike

Forget about Evangelical Boomer caved-in head satanic weirdos.

It is irrelevant what they care about because we aren’t talking to them. In fact, the time for discussion has come to an end with that generation. It’s just, “OK, Boomer” and then throwing them away to rot in those retirement homes.

For decades, everything has revolved around these brain damaged mongoloids and their weird generational idiosyncrasies. But that won’t last forever.

We are done with you people.

What does America First mean if according to people like Mike, it should read “America First*” (with the asterisk being that Israel must be catered to because some retarded Boomers fell for a telemarketing scam in the 70s)?

Anyways, this is Mike Cernovich we’re talking about here.

All the points raised about grifters and Jews by the Groypers were sure to rankle him eventually, seeing as he’s buddy-buddy with Jeffrey Epstein’s BFF Alan Dershowitz and got his start selling literal blue pills to the goyim.

I don’t think he’s going to last much longer out there.

Shabbos shills and e-grifters are dropping like flies!