Mike Cernovich, DeploraBall and the Collapse of the Alt-Cuck (音声障害ゴリラはユダヤ人を養う?)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2016

Mike Cernovich is shilling hard for Jews.

Yesterday, I reported that he threw Baked Alaska under the bus for having mentioned Jews on Twitter. He threw him out of a meet-up event, something called “DeploraBall,” which will be held in DC at the National Press Club, and immediately replaced him with the Jew MILO (it is worth noting that NPI has been banned from the Press Club). The party will be held on the 19th and 20th of January, to coincide with Trump’s inauguration. They will host 1000 people.

This act of Cernovich has caused a rift within the pro-Trump alliance, which I believe is a very good thing. People are choosing sides, mainly on the Jewish issue. To a lesser extent on the racial issue. It is good that this is happening after the election, when I believe the non-racial, non-anti-Semitic wing of the alternative right has become entirely obsolete.

Sam Hyde and Richard Spencer were both banned from the event. Both of these men are more or less spot-on on all of our issues.

Meanwhile, along with MILO (Jewish), the party will include Gavin McInnes (Jewish boss Ezra Levant, Injun wife) and Lauren Southern (Jewish boss Ezra Levant, probably Jewish herself). If you threw in Paul Joseph Watson (Jewish producer Rob Jacobs, Jewish products sold, Chinese wife), you would have there all of the main characters I have identified as being part of a subversive movement to co-opt the Alt-Right narrative and make it not about Jews (and to a lesser extent not about race).

What is the Alt-Cuck?

The Alt-Cuck called themselves “Alt-Right” after Hillary’s speech on the Alt-Right, which included everything from Breitbart, MILO and Alex Jones to much more hardcore, explicitly pro-white elements (all of which she claimed were controlled by Vladimir Putin).

The name “Alt-Right” was originally coined by Richard Spencer, but had been identified by MILO in a Breitbart article as meaning something weird and different. Hillary’s speech was a confusing thing, as it seemed to be based some on the MILO article, but also on some more accurate articles about the Alt-Right as a White Nationalist movement, and sort of mixed them together to make it like Trump was a Nazi.

Because Hillary had given this major speech, a lot of people thought it would be good marketing to use the term.

The Alt-Cuck dropped the name when Richard Spencer said “hail victory” at the NPI conference in November, and both Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson accused him of being a secret agent for saying this.

Watson said that the Alt-Right had been co-opted by Nazis, and the real Alt-Right was just about wearing MAGA hats and making jokes for fun.

That seems to pretty much define this group. They do not believe in race (though they will sort of talk about it, at least in terms of crime statistics and so on), they are virulently philosemitic and they view the ultimate enemy as some kind of alliance between blue-haired feminists and Islamic jihadis.

Who is Mike Cernovich?

Well, basically, he’s some guy on Twitter.

He has nearly 200k followers, which is quite a lot. Though that number has dropped over the last few days, due to outrage over his cucking and shilling for Jews.

He was apparently involved in the manosphere and #Gamergate, then he joined the Alt-Right during the election. Pretty much, he sells self-help ebooks, and he artificially attaches himself to organic social/political movements for the purpose of marketing these products to the people involved.

He is apparently a lawyer, and has done steroids for research (perhaps the only genuinely interesting thing he has done – steroids are interesting and there are few people who will openly admit to taking them and then write about it candidly).

Is Mike Cernovich Jewish?

There is a great, ongoing discussion of whether or not Mike Cernovich is Jewish.

Several times on Twitter, Mike Cernovich said he was a Jew, and then he claimed he was trolling and is not actually a Jew.

Both those tweets have been deleted.

He once posted a DNA test showing that he was not a Jew.

He also deleted the tweet with that DNA test.

I believe that he looks Jewish.

His face is nearly identical to the face of the Neanderthal-looking Jew Ron Perlman.

I don’t know if he is Jewish – that is all the information we have. If he were Jewish, that would certainly make his whole situation make a lot more sense. But because we don’t know, we can’t simply declare “he’s doing this because he’s Jewish” in the way we can with MILO.

Of course, if he is a Jew, than that would explain the behavior 100%, because Jews act this way due to genetics. They are biologically-driven to destroy the goyim.

On the race issue, Cernovich does have a Pakistani (or maybe Indian?) wife.

Though technically, a non-white wife alone has not always kept people from naming the Jew or discussing race.

What has Mike Cernovich Done?

The first time I came across Mike Cernovich was mid-2015 on twitter, when he was interacting with weev. As you are aware, weev is a dedicated anti-Semite, and writes for this very website.

So in the past, he had no issue with the issue of being associated with people who talk about Jews and race.

He’s even tweeted some naughty stuff himself.

Around this time on twitter, he successfully trolled the Jew Seth Rogen, and somehow got Rogen’s wife to say he wanted to have sex with him, which I found funny. Seth Rogen ended up attacking white people, and I found it strange that when Cernovich wrote an article about it, he referred to Rogin as a “white man,” given that the whole situation demonstrated vicious hatred for whites by a member of an alien group.

I was then vaguely aware of him during the Trump campaign, when he was not really doing much of anything original, but was pushing the Trump narrative, so I didn’t think much about it.

But now – now he has gone all-in with the MILO movement.

Present Moment

Here’s the DM thread to Baked Alaska, when he was officially banned from an event he put together by Cernovich

This has been denounced by many, including the heroic banned tweeter Jared Wyand.

The majority of the people are siding with truth and justice, against the Cernovich agenda.

Following the Baked Alaska Deploraball debacle, he has done several now-deleted periscopes, which contain heavy cuckoldry and shilling for the Jews.

Here’s an example.

He has written an article on his site denouncing BA and racism:

I am pro-trolling and pro-boundary pushing. However I’ve always been clear that if you actually hate people, then you’re not welcome around me. That’s not my bag. A toxic mindset is not only self-destructive, but it also poisons those around you.

No groups are off limits from criticism – this includes whites, blacks, Asians, gays, Jews, men, and everyone else. No subjects are off limits. Goofing around, even in an edgy or controversial way, isn’t the same as goose stepping.

Thus I have a lot of tolerance for goofing off online and don’t take much seriously. I don’t freak out or get triggered. But we all have lines, and Tim crossed them.

He also doxed BA’s real name, which is distasteful and unethical.

He is shilling hard for MILO on his Twitter, while not addressing this drama at all.

The media is covering this breakdown.

TYT is covering it.


Moving Forward

What I want is an organic movement which is about the truth.

The truth is that race is real.

The truth is that Jews are the problem.

The truth is that someone has to stop these Jews.

People who are trying to use the movement for profit, or because they have a Jewish agenda, or both (it’s usually both) are a cancer. We cannot allow these people in.

And the good part is, as soon as you start taking a hard line on the Jews, they don’t want in.

I am ecstatic about this little break-up, as I think it is clear to everyone who is genuine and who is a slimy con-artist.

This “oh they’re driven by hate and/or they’re federal agents” stuff just doesn’t work anymore.

I mean. You might be able to say that Andrew Anglin is just a psychopathic race-hater, but to say that about Baked Alaska or Jared Wyand just comes across as disingenuous and silly.

For the record, as people who know me or have followed for a long time are aware, I’m basically like those guys as well. I care about the truth and came to the truth honestly, from a position that was just as liberal as the position every other millennial in America was programed with by default. I’ve also lived a significant portion of my life around non-whites – even been out with a couple non-white girls, way back when. I’ve been to like fifty countries. I’m not some trailer park person who just hates everything that’s different. I came to my views on race and the Jews – and homos and women and everything else – because I wanted to know the truth, and this is the truth.

The site is this hardcore because I understand that a place like this needs to exist. There needs to be someone going as far as it is possible to go. That is a necessity in a revolutionary movement, which can be observed in the previous social revolutions. There has to be someone constantly pushing things further.

And hey, this is a lot of fun. I think it’s the funnest role to play. But it’s always a bit surprising to me that we’re also the most popular site in the Alt-Right.

I digress.

The Alt-Cuck is, I believe, totally doomed.

That is to say, all of these personalities are going to collapse. They have spent all of their credibility. Credibility is trust that you build over time, and it functions as a sort of currency, which can be leveraged to build further credibility, but which you expend if you do something stupid or dishonest.

The personalities of the Alt-Cuck had very little credibility to begin with, and what credibility they had was a cheapest sort, which comes from manufactured hype.

I am just as happy to see them all grouping together as I am to see our side coming together. Because they are all going down together.

I predict that MILO is going to bring them all down. This is a homosexual drug-addict they are making their figurehead. He has already scammed people out of I don’t even know how much money. Cernovich bringing him in and attaching himself to him at this pivotal point – when the entire conflict revolves around Jews – is insane, but that’s what he’s doing.

Mike Cernovich has created a perfect storm. He has a falling out with a key figure in his group, who has switched to our side and created mass interest in the information Cernovich was trying to bury, a contested event being held at a point of high excitement and high unrest, happening at the same time as the real Alt-Right has never been more together and unified and ready to take in new people – and he’s going to hold it all together with a completely unstable homosexual Jew who’s about to lose his job for, among other things, apparently giving an E3 press pass to his drug dealer and who is likely to be indicted on fraud charges for scamming money for a fake charity.

It’s not a position I’d want to be in.


If you’ve got a ticket to DeploraBall, go there.

Give a sieg heil in front of a news camera.

It will be epic.

Hail Victory.