Migrants Versus Fashy Zombies: New Italian Movie Turns the Propaganda Level Up to 11

Diversity Macht Frei
October 6, 2018

Years ago I wrote the zombie movies and series were perhaps the defining genre of our age, subconsciously expressing the angst white people feel at seeing their cities and countries overrun by hostile, alien brown people. The Zombie Apocalypse was a metaphor for White Genocide. But a new Italian zombie “Go Home” attempts to invert the symbology and convince us that brown people will actually be our salvation.

Although, by now, we’re used to multicult messaging being inserted in movies and television fiction,”Go Home” really turns the propaganda level up to 11.

The storyline is as follows:

Italian right-wing extremists are protesting outside a new migrant centre. They hold up signs reading “Italia agli Italiani” [Italy for Italians]. As they stage their protest, a zombie apocalypse breaks out. Most of the crazed right-wing extremists turn into zombies. But one is still human. He has to take refuge in the migrant centre to escape his now-zombie friends. There, kind-hearted brown people help him out, although he has to conceal the fact that he was one of the “evil” right-wing protesters. Soon, burly African negroes are taking the fight to the zombie fash.

This promo is in Italian, but you can get the idea just from the visuals.

Go Home – A casa loro

Un ragazzo di estrema destra si rifugia in un centro di accoglienza durante un’invasione zombie.L’unico luogo sicuro al mondo è proprio quel posto che lui non voleva. Go Home – A casa loro, un film di Luna Gualano.In anteprima assoluta ad Alice nella città – Festa del Cinema di Roma.

Gepostet von Go Home – A casa loro am Freitag, 5. Oktober 2018

The film-makers have been completely unabashed about their political motivations. Their Facebook page features quotes about ethnic cleansing from Salvini. Many of the actors are non-professional and production facilities have been offered to the film-makers for free by people who approve of the movie’s “message”.