Migrants Turn to Piracy! Hijack Ship That Pitied Them! Salvini Steps In to Fix the Situation!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 30, 2019

These migrants thought they could hijack a boat and get into Europe through Italy.

Not with Salvini at the helm.

He refuses to negotiate with terrorists, both the black ones trying to get into Europe or the fellow white ones trying to undermine Europe from within. Instead, he sends in the special forces.


An island nation with a small 1,700-troop army, Malta spent the last three years creating its own elite rapid-response team. The unit entered the spotlight this week after a dramatic raid on a tanker, hijacked by asylum seekers.

The Maltese special operations team seized the ship on Thursday morning. The raid was difficult because it wasn’t immediately clear how many migrants participated in the hijacking, and there were women and children among more than 100 asylum seekers on board. There were no reports of shots fired and no casualties. A total of five people were arrested. 

The Russian news that’s actually made for Russian people, not aggrieved Leftists in America, has a better summary.

It turns out that a passing ship took pity on the drowning migrants and took them onboard. Once onboard, the Africans learned that the destination was not Europe, so they hijacked the ship, and took the crew hostage. They forced the Captain to head towards Italy but were intercepted by a Maltese special forces team once the Captain made radio contact and explained the situation and Salvini gave the green light. Leftist groups led by butch lesbians immediately lost their shit and said that people have to be more understanding.

“They only turned to piracy as a last resort. Borders are racist. Let them in!” 

Seriously. It’s all in the report. That translated Vesti News video is the only source for it in English.

These migrants are a bio-weapon that feeds on kindness and compassion. 

Go to any third world shithole and you will see this in action. First, they come up to you with waves and smiles and a kind of bashfulness as they stick their hands out, asking for gibs. Should you refuse, just watch how quickly the smile vanishes, and how easily that grin turns into a snarl.

All brown people do this. It is quite literally biologically ingrained in all of them.

The symbol of the Third World is a clasping brown arm, begging for gibs.

White people have a hard time understanding this. The browns who have already moved into White society have already switched to feral mode, so Whites stay away as best they can. But when White people encounter new migrants or go to these Third World countries, they get suckered by this simple trick. They’re not used to seeing smiling, happy and supplicating brown people, because they’re only used to the sulky, hostile and stabby kind in their formerly White nations.

They think it’s charming at first. 

But it ends up with the White tourist getting scammed, or shanghaied or, apparently, the becoming the victim of high seas piracy.