“Migrants” Caught Begging for Money Outside the Lube Center

Just in: Breitbart has caught the migrants begging outside of the Lube Center:

Are these negroes?

Were they begging for money, or begging for lube?

We go to Breitbart for more on this concerning situation at the Lube Center.


Recently released migrants in the Del Rio Border Patrol Sector of Texas were spotted panhandling for extra funds to reach their intended destinations in the U.S. this week. News leaked Tuesday that the sector is now releasing migrants without Notices to Appear (NTA) for removal proceedings or formal court dates to alleviate severe overcrowding in detention centers.

Wait, what?

A Border Patrol union official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, provided photos of a convenience store where migrants are released and congregate as they determine how to reach their intended inland destinations. Given the fact that local non-governmental organizations’ capacities are already at maximum or are simply unavailable, some migrants are resorting to panhandling the store’s customers.

The union official blames the NTA policy shift. The policy, known as prosecutor discretion, will speed the release of migrants by not issuing NTAs for removal proceedings.

Due to severe overcrowding, the source says Border Patrol agents are now being required to perform mandatory overtime strictly to hasten the release processes.

The move to discontinue the issuance of NTAs mirrors a similar policy in the Rio Grande Valley. The elimination of serving formal notices to appear reduces the time it takes to release the migrants into the United States to mere hours. The change trusts migrants to report to an immigration office upon reaching their destination.

The union official complains the catch and release policy in Del Rio and redirection of Border Patrol resources has left some areas of the actual border completely void of patrols.

The Del Rio Sector currently leads the nation in the apprehension of Venezuelan nationals who enter the United States on a near daily basis. The sector also sees demographics beyond Central America. Border Patrol officials believe a reduction in cartel-related violence immediately across the border is the reason Cubans, Haitians, and Congolese choose Del Rio as their crossing point.


Communist infiltration!

Weirdly written article by Breitbart. They appear to be hiring illegal immigrants to write their news pieces so the Jew owners can stuff their pockets.

However, I did want to note the begging, because this is going to become the norm. The government doesn’t have enough places to put these people they are flooding the country with, and they can’t print money fast enough to feed them all. So they are just going to start setting up camp in cities all across the country and begging for money.

Immigration is being presented by the Biden Administration as punishment for the sins of the white race. That’s how they themselves are presenting it.

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So, there’s really no ceiling on how many they can shove into the country – they are now openly saying they are trying to change the racial demographics. They are piling them in.

There is almost no reason to even talk about it at this point.