Migrant with More Than 500 Crimes to His Name Can’t Be Deported t. Merkel

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2018

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A migrant suspected of committing hundreds of crimes has been let roam free in the German city of Frankfurt because the authorities have been unable to establish his identity and country of origin for decades.

Little is known about the man, as no one knows his name, let alone his age or nationality. The only more-or-less verifiable fact known about him is that he arrived in Germany some 20 years ago, in 1998, without any identity documents. He has lived on the streets of German cities ever since and currently resides in Frankfurt, according to the German Bild daily.

The list of the crimes that the unidentified migrant has allegedly committed over this period is extensive. Some 542 criminal proceedings have been opened against him during these years, according to the German police.

“One third of the investigations were related to possession and purchase of drugs,” Ruediger Buchta, a high commissioner with the Frankfurt police, told the German media, adding that the migrant’s other alleged offenses included “fraudulent acquisition of services like fare dodging,” as well as “assault, theft, robbery” and numerous “offenses against the Residence Act.”

Despite being repeatedly detained, the man has successfully resisted deportation from Germany for all these years for one simple reason: the German authorities still do not know where to deport him. The man repeatedly claimed to be from one of the North African countries, Algeria and Morocco in particular. However, the authorities of these states did not confirm this information. 

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