Migrant Transfer Center Gives Pep Talk to New Employees Telling Them to Not Have Sex with Kids

This clip is bizarre. The woman is giving some kind of pep talk as part of orientation for people joining the staff of the invasion transfer camp, and revving them up against not having sex with the kids.

NBC News:

New audio from inside a U.S. government shelter for unaccompanied migrant children in Fort Bliss, Texas, reveals allegations of sexual misconduct by staff toward minors, acknowledgment the children were running low on clean clothes and shoes and a reluctance by officials to make public the scope of the facility’s Covid outbreak.

“We have already caught staff with minors inappropriately. Is that OK with you guys?” says a federal contractor running a training session with staffers inside Fort Bliss in May.

The crowd shouts back, “No!”

“I hope not,” she says.

“If you catch them, especially if it’s a staff member, you separate that minor from that person immediately,” the contractor says, making no mention of flagging supervisors to report the incident.

At its peak this spring, the temporary facility at Fort Bliss held nearly 5,000 migrant children, as the Department of Health and Human Services scrambled to take in children who were overcrowding Border Patrol stations. At the time of the training session, the facility held about 3,000 minors.

What an inexplicable exchange.

Like, the casual way she makes it into a pep thing – “you guys aren’t here for the sex, right???”

Like, if someone had said “um, I’m sorry – I was led to believe that this job included access to fresh pussy, and that’s incorrect?”

She would reply, “yep, sorry – no sex with the minors. Sorry about that, but it’s against the rules. But you do still get paid lunches.”

Anyway, I don’t really believe in the boogieman of heterosexual child molesters.

What you have are two options:

  • Homosexual kiddy-fiddlers, and
  • Heterosexual men getting seduced by underage teen girls

Mexican females get hyper-sexual very early, so it could be that. Or it could be homos.


Obviously, a program to move millions of people into a different country in order to replace the population in a few quick years is going to involve various types of bad situations for the people getting moved.

What is happening now at the border is that there is a machine to move people into the country, and spread them out across the country. It doesn’t really get much media coverage at all, but anyone who shows up at the border is brought into the country and processed at one of these centers and then spread out across the country. It is a massive program to completely replace the population.