Migrant Refugee Asylum Seeker Caravaneer Families Keep Trying to Cross the Border, Wall or Not

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2019

Brown people are suffering and you should be ashamed you’re not giving your stuff away to them.

You should feel bad, because they feel bad. As they say… “happy goblin, happy life.”


Maria Orbelina Cortez says she fled El Salvador for the U.S. after her husband attacked her and knocked a pan of scalding oil onto her youngest son’s head.

President Donald Trump’s push for a $5.7 billion wall — a demand that triggered the longest government shutdown in history — is unlikely on its own to stop families with stories like Orbelina’s, who are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border by the thousands each month.

The Trump administration wants to use that money to construct more than 200 miles (320 kilometers) of border wall. Most of those miles would likely go in South Texas, where more people cross illegally than anywhere else.

Congress has already funded 33 miles (53 kilometers) of new barrier construction here. But much of that new barrier will be built north of the Rio Grande, which carves a natural boundary between the U.S. and Mexico. That means migrants will still be able to reach American soil in front of the newly constructed barrier and request asylum.

No more “refugees,” huh? It makes zero sense to think that economic migrants have the right to request asylum. If anyone can just request asylum for any reason, what is the point of “asylum”?

Really, what is “asylum” if not a device to ensure the constant flow of the sin-skinned into our countries?

The fact that their countries are shitholes, the fact that their husbands and families are dangerous, the fact that their countries are poor, the fact that they are poor, the fact that there are no jobs in their countries, and whatever the media uses to justify this invasion, is literally not our problem.

Nothing about these bean creatures is our problem, unless we make it so by letting them in.

You can see Maria Goblina Cortez and her children in the above video. The media loves using brown children in this way because it hits a very weak spot in white people.

It hits our empathy.

It hits our good nature.

It hits our desire to do good, our desire to improve the world, our desire to make people feel good instead of making them suffer.

They exploit our good will.

It is at least as dishonest as using pit bull pups to defend grown pit bulls.

Can you think of any animal that isn’t kinda cute when small and vulnerable?

These are all very dangerous animals.

The latest proposal Trump and Senate Republicans made to fund the wall includes provisions that could possibly be far more consequential than the wall, by making the already difficult task of winning asylum even harder.

Their bill would require all asylum claims to be in “the national interest” to be granted and allow more claims to be judged as frivolous. It would also require all Central American children arriving on their own to seek asylum in their countries of origin, not in the United States.

How is that a bad thing?

We’re at a point where asking “what do we gain from this?” is a racist behavior to be shunned. But it’s common sense. If people are knocking on your door asking you to let them into your house, isn’t it to be expected that you’d have at least some questions to ask before you decide whether to open the door or not?

If we decided to let people in, shouldn’t we let people in that are a net gain for us? Why are we even entertaining the idea of letting dark skinned creatures in?

This whole illegal and legal immigration discussion is a distraction from the fact that the problem is immigration itself. We don’t need immigration. Not even from white countries, because we already have our own white people. What we need to do is to stop diluting our countries and stop tainting our waters with these toxic shithole creators.

We have to stop feeding the cancer that grows in our countries.

Sister Norma Pimentel, executive director of Catholic Charities in the Rio Grande Valley, said the families at the organization’s shelter sometimes resort to crossing the Rio Grande illegally out of desperation after being stopped at bridges.

“It is important that we secure our borders, that we keep our country safe from criminals,” Pimentel said. She added that Trump “needs to meet the families that are not criminals. He needs to meet the children and the great number of families that are here asking for protection.”

We’re not the zookeepers of the world. We’re not brown people’s nannies. The discussion is always around what brown people want, but what about what we want?

What about what we want for our countries and for our future? Why do we have to waste this much time debating the merits of giving our stuff away to people that are the tools actively destroying the civilization we’ve built from within?

We’ve been engineered to not ask these questions, and to just accept that maybe the right thing for us to do would be to just die and let the melanic disabled finally be happy.

Never stop asking questions.

Don’t let our uninvited hand-rubbing guests win.