“Migrant Party” to Participate in Elections in Austria

Daily Stormer
June 10, 2017

Last time I checked, Austrian nationalists used to be a little better than this…

The new party, called “The New Movement for the Future” (the future is brown, got it goyim?), which is an almost entirely Turkish affair, is going to run candidates in Austria’s elections this October.

Most of the people who run it and vote for it have pieces of paper saying they’re Austrians, but for some reason they don’t look or act like Austrians. I wonder why…


Austria’s “migrant party”, the New Movement for the Future (NBZ), have announced they will be fielding candidates across Austria for the snap national election in October.

The New Movement for the Future (NBZ) was formed by Turkish immigrants in the city of Voralburg and ran for office in local elections. Chairman Adnan Dincer, originally from Turkey, has now said the party is ready to field candidates in the Austrian national election planned for October 15th, Die Presse reports.

 So far the NBZ has not announced where they will be running or who their candidates are but a party spokesman said the party had decided on Sunday to compete in the national elections. The party also announced they will move their headquarters to the Austrian capital of Vienna.

This isn’t the first one BTW:

Notice the ones in France don’t even feel the need to pretend they’re “integrating”

In the next few weeks, the party is expected to start forming the appropriate structures to run a national election campaign and will likely produce their national platform as well as introduce their leading candidates for the election.

Previously, party leader Adnan Dincer had claimed whilst the party was largely representative of migrant issues they were neither an Islamic nor a Turkish party.  He claimed the party would represent the interests of “the forgotten” and said that whilst many members are Muslim, “religion is religion, politics is politics”.

In order to win seats in the Austrian parliament, the party needs to win at least four per cent of the vote, something the spokesman for the party saw as unrealistic. Instead, the party is looking to use the election raise its profile and offer voters an alternative.

He was trying to make the infidels lower their guard with that one. Around 3% of all paper-Austrians are Turks, so them entering parliament will be very realistic very soon.

Current polls show the anti-mass migration Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) in second place ahead of the Socialists. New ÖVP leader and Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has steadily adopted many policies the FPÖ have promoted for years including the recent banning of the full-face Islamic veil.

Hardcore… But how about just not letting them in, and getting rid of the ones already there (ideally by gassing them and turning them into soap)? Wouldn’t that be much more efficient than just banning a small number of them from wearing a certain type of rags? Because the rags aren’t issue, it’s the “people” wearing them.