Migrant in Germany: “Too Cold… We Want to Go… But There is No Way Back”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2015

No one warned these poor innocents about the cold. The Nazi bitch Merkel tricked them, telling them she would give them free everything forever; like a deal with the devil, she did not include that because of it’s latitude on the spherical earth, it gets cold at a certain period of time in the year called “winter.”

Now, these men are trapped in Germany, feeling a cold feel, as they whine and demand help getting back to the Africa or Pakistan or wherever the hell they’re from (the individual whining in the video is from Afghanistan, a country wrecked by a brutal civil war or whatever, maybe poor or something), but the Nazi Merkel has met their demands to return home with the following cryptic phrase: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

"And now we want to go, to move, go, we want to go; there is no way back." -Afghan in Germany, real life quote
“And now we want to go, to move, go, we want to go; there is no way back.” -Afghan in Germany, real life quote in video
Don't laugh, goyim.
Don’t laugh, goyim. There was no way Merkel could have known that these millions were literally expecting free mansions and cars.

Merkel has effectively proven herself significantly worse than Hitler. Hitler took an oppressed innocent minority who didn’t do nothing which was already in Germany and oppressed them. Merkel has actually tricked people from countries far, far away into coming to Germany, where she has trapped them, and is now doing oppression on them as they beg to return home.

Merkel was so selfish in her obsession with converting Germany to an Islamic caliphate and exterminating the native population of the country that she never stopped to think how the migrants she brought in to crush Germany would fair. These migrants are not simply a tool for you to exterminate the German race, Merkel. They are people.

You must let them go back to their own countries.