Migrant Crisis: EU Tries to Bribe Turks, Erdogan Responds with Blackmail

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2015

When Turkey sends its people, they're not sending their best.
When Turkey sends its people, they’re not sending their best.

The EU has, for whichever nonsense reason, taken to attempting to bribe Turkey into stopping the tsunami of “migrants” pouring into Europe.

Erdogan has responded with blackmail.

The Telegraph:

Turkey has brushed off the offer of EU membership in exchange for halting the refugee influx as “bribery”, hours after European leaders sought to buy the country’s co-operation at a price of £2.2 billion.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the man Europe hopes can hold back a vast new wave of migrants, ridiculed an offer of visas, cash and a fresh chapter of accession talks drawn up by European leaders last night.

If Brussels wants his co-operation, nothing less than full EU membership will do, the president said, adding that the offer did not appear to be “sincere”.

He is right in his assertion that this is bribery; he then attempts to extort the EU for membership.

All that EU membership would do is open up the floodgates to all of the migrants already in Turkey, and any who want to pass through in the future. Erdogan envisions a new Ottoman Empire (seriously, this is a completely open thing), and rightly views mass immigration into Europe as a means of Islamic conquest.

An obvious terrorist.
An obvious terrorist.

This is really incredible what he is saying. Threatening that if he isn’t allowed in the EU he will keep sending these people. It is grounds for a declaration of war.

“The West and Europe’s security and stability is contingent on our security and stability. They have accepted this now. So if it can’t happen without Turkey, why don’t you take Turkey into the EU? The problem is clear but they are not open,” he said.

This is, of course, gibberish. Turkey and the EU do not have any shared interests. Turks and their Arab allies have an interest in picking the remaining flesh off the bones of the corpse that was once Europa.

When the welfare runs dry they can start selling White women to the Saudis wholesale.
When the welfare runs dry they can start selling White women to the Saudis wholesale.

However, to be fair, all Erdogan is doing is repeating the EU’s own assertions. He did not come up with the idea that European security and stability are dependent on Turkey.

Obviously, it would be very easy to stop the flow of migrants from Turkey. All you would need to do is turn the boats around, and, when necessary, implement the Bulgaria Protocol.

The land border is very small. Bulgaria already has a fence. We need to turn the boats around.
The land border is very small. Bulgaria already has a fence. We need to turn the boats around.

You could also send them back immediately after they land. Merkel has already completely thrown out the Dublin Regulation anyway, so there is no reason to allow these people to continue claiming asylum. This idea that anyone who sets foot on European soil is entitled to live there forever, so the goal must be to stop them from setting foot on the soil, is Jew legalism at its most Jewish.

These people could be given a meal, some fresh clothes, put on a boat and sent back to Turkey. If Turkey won’t accept them back, they can be dropped off in Libya where there is no government to stop you from doing anything.

There is zero reason to involve Turkey, a hostile terrorist state, in any of these matters.

But this horrible fat woman…

Mr Erdogan’s determination to drive a hard bargain with Europe came as Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, prepared to travel to Turkey this weekend to try build momentum for a workable deal with Ankara.

Diplomatic sources said that Mrs Merkel would be “crucial” in helping to stand up a deal that was agreed in outline in Brussels this week, but analysts warned still faces mounting political hurdles both inside Turkey and among some EU member states.

European leaders made no effort to conceal that the deal reflects hard-headed Realpolitik, offering sweeteners and large sums of cash in order to halt what the deal text calls a “massive influx” of refugees.

An agreement with Turkey makes sense only if it effectively contains the flow of refugees,” said Donald Tusk, the European Council president, in the early hours of Friday as the summit wrapped up.

Again with this insinuation that we need Turkey to do this. Not to mention, Tusk, that this wouldn’t even be happening if Merkel hadn’t invited all these people.

The analogy is: I invite thousands of people to my house to eat everything. Thousands show up and eat everything. But I have a rule that I can’t tell people to leave once they enter my house. So, I tell my neighbors I will pay them if they stop people who I invited to my house from getting in the door.

Twilight zone jewing intensifies

Controlling a border is not a difficult process. It involves fences, boats and soldiers.

Why are millions not pouring into Russia, I wonder? Maybe Europe should ask Putin to compare notes?