Migrant Caravan Busts Through Mexican Cops!

During his bizarre “town hall” event last Thursday with Anus Cooper, The Biden said that he hasn’t visited the border because he hasn’t had time.

He said “I’ve been there before.”

Apparently, the last time he was there was 2008.

Obviously, anyone could talk about the number of vacation days, or how he’s been spending his actual working time doing stuff with trannies. But obviously, The Biden does not plan his own schedule. It’s presumably planned by blue-haired millennial bio-holes.

Meanwhile, inside of The Mexico, the caravans are getting really rowdy. For those who don’t know, a caravan is a group of Aztecs from Central America, or even various Indios and Mestizos from South America, who march in a group to the American border, then cross it, then start collecting welfare and committing crimes.

Here’s the leader of one of the caravans headed up now. He speaks pretty good English.

What he’s saying in that video is that at least some of the people in his caravan would rather stay in Mexico than go to the US, but the Mexicans won’t let them stay, and are instead marching them to the US border.

He says: “Mexico is a good place to stay and to work.”

For those who don’t know, Mexico is really hardly even a third world country at this point. It’s much nicer than America, for sure, in terms of living. They don’t have the welfare state, however. These caravan people are marching from much poorer countries.

Frankly, you can talk about how brown people countries are always poor, but the US has been meddling in Central America for decades, creating constant chaos. So in some ways, this is the fault of the US government.

Of course, it’s the fault of the US government for letting them in, regardless of what the CIA did in the 1980s and 1990s.

But these are some serious marchers.

Over the weekend, they broke through a police line in Mexico.

Here’s something interesting:

Of course, those Guatemalans and Nicaraguans didn’t come up with that. These caravans are being assisted by American Jewish groups. In 2018, when this caravan phenomenon was beginning, the group Pueblo Sin Fronteras was found to be organizing the caravans from the US with Jew money. But even if the Jews don’t get caught, when you see things like “the flag with no stars means we can all live in your country,” you know some Jew is behind it.

The latest video shows the caravan headed our way.

In a lot of ways these caravans are just a distraction. More people than are in any one of these caravans cross the border every day under Joe Biden. But the caravans are a symbol of the issue.

But I’m just going to tell you – the whole immigration issue is just a massive distraction. I report it here because this is a news website and I report the news. People come here to read the news, and then I give them much more important information.

But it really doesn’t matter at this point.

The US government is going to collapse. That is going to happen. Whether there are 150 million brown people in the country or 170 million brown people in the country when it does collapse is irrelevant.

Most of these people are going to die when the cities collapse anyway. The gangs of black cannibals will eat them.

So, I wouldn’t get too invested. The only people who are invested are the people who think there is a political solution to this current situation that does not involve a collapse of the government.

Those people are either stupid, in denial, or purposefully distracting you.

Most importantly: there is nothing you can do to stop this.

Complaining about it doesn’t help. Voting is now a fraud (and they won’t let you vote for anyone who would stop this anyway). And certainly, worrying about it doesn’t change anything.

So it is the epitome of a complete distraction.

Here’s what to do: just focus on your own life, and try to do what you can to protect yourself and your family from a collapse of the economy, a brutal police state, and outrageous criminal violence.

The obvious thing to do is move out of the big cities, get involved in a community, and try to be as self-sufficient as you can be.

Stay alive and stay away from the needles. We’re going to have to carve out a new country on the other side of this. That will probably not start until the 2030s, and maybe not until the 2040s. That’s when we’ll be drawing borders and putting people who don’t belong in our country on the other side of these borders.

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Just try to relax, keep your head as clear as possible, and understand: this is in God’s hands, and we will succeed.