Midterms 2018: The Morning After

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2018

Thing did not go as well as they could have last night, but they certainly didn’t go as bad as they could have.

This was not a disaster, at all.

There was no “Blue Wave.”

Here’s what the House looks like:

And here’s the Senate:

These are preliminary numbers, and most of the seats that are undeclared are going to go to us.

Basically, the J-Democrats gained a very slim margin in the House while we increased our majority in the Senate to the point where there are no longer going to be any problems confirming anyone.

Understand: the Senate is much more important than the House. It is designed that way.

Most of the things that we wanted we are going to get because we control the Senate.

The governor’s races were a little bit sad:

But that isn’t particularly important unless you live in one of those states. Thankfully for me, I got rid of the sickening cuck Kasich in Ohio and have some new Republican I know nothing about.

Cleaning Out the Cabinet

We are going to be able to get rid of John Kelly, Mad Pit Bull Mattis, Jeff Sessions and other problem cabinet members.

These people are all confirmed by the Senate.

This means with Slow Jeff gone, we’ll be able to kill the Mueller probe. We will also be able to normalize foreign policy by ousting the warmongering insubordinate lunatic Mad Pit Bull.

Furthermore, I very much like Ann Coulter’s plan of putting Kris Kobach in charge of the DoJ, now that he lost his bid for governor.

He is a solid, solid guy, and I think it is better he be in the administration instead of governor of an irrelevant state like Kansas, where no people even live.

I doubt Sessions is going to get put at DHS. I am not sure I would necessarily even be against that, as he has been good on immigration, but I imagine Trump is just too pissed at him to do anything other than fire him.

Strengthening the Team

A smaller army of loyal men is better than a larger army filled with back-stabbing traitors. The people who won were all Trump people, and the people who lost were almost all anti-Trump people.

And with all of the resignations, we’ve got rid of a whole lot of traitorous scumbags like Jeff Flake, Bob Corker and Paul Ryan.

Trump has solidified control over the party, and all that any of the losses last night show is that going against Trump’s plan to MAGA and get rid of the brown filth is a losing strategy.

Effectively, this is cuck death. It is clear now to the entire world that there is no valid way to win as a Republican with a “muh conservative values and principles” message. It is literally over. No one is even going to bother trying that again. All of these people are going to either have to quit politics or join the Democrats.

That was really the most important takeaway of the night.

That and the fact that people are voting along genetic lines.

Blood In, Blood Out

Even the sickening neocon Jew Bill Kristol admitted that this is a demographic race.

This is where we are now: the GOP is the party of the white man. The Democrat Party is the party of brown people and demon-possessed white whores who identify with brown people because they love that dick.

Remember that Kristol and his squad of kikes – along with their goy fuckboys like John McCain, Paul Ryan, the Bushes, etc. – told us that this was about “values.” Well, Kristol admitting that is a lie is a massive, massive signal that the days of pretending like the Republicans can win along anything other than racial lines are over.

You can take it to the bank: American elections are now a race war. It is us against the brown hordes.

And that is why I say that this election was fraudulent: these animals that have flooded our country are not Americans. America was founded as a white nationalist country. It was created by and for white people, period. All of these people who have gained citizenship and a right to vote in our elections since the passage of the Jewish 1965 immigration act are fraudulent voters. Their citizenship was awarded through fraud.

And if we are going to save this country through the ballot box, these “people” have to be stripped of their citizenship. There is no other way to win this, long term. Or even short term.

The first step is ending birthright citizenship, something which Trump has already gotten rolling. And after that, we have to move to strip the citizenship of people who were given citizenship through “birthright” or through the 1965 immigration act. This is not impossible. All it takes is political will.

A ruling against birthright citizenship is one step away from saying, “well, the people who already got citizenship through this method are not citizens, because this process was illegal.”

Trump Should Have Gone Harder

Trump did his best, I think, to force through the Wall and other parts of his agenda, but he should have figured out a way to go harder. If the Wall had been built, we’d have won harder last night.

But he knows that and he knew that, it was the Congress that denied it, and now they know it too. So you’re going to see a whole lot more aggressive support for Trump’s agenda coming from the entire GOP going forward. The cucks have quit or been voted out and those who remain know they don’t have any choice.

Steve King won.

If last night was a referendum on Steve King’s white nationalism, as the Democrats were trying to frame it, then white nationalism won.

The Fake Horror

Nothing terrible is going to happen. They are not going to impeach Trump, they can’t do that without the Senate. Kike Schiff and Queen Maxine are going to run insane investigations, but they won’t go anywhere. There have already been so many investigations, it is clear that Trump is clean as an obsessive-compulsive’s whistle.

The House will be able to hold up parts of the legislative agenda, but most of that Trump can just fix through executive fiat. Obama governed for six years without control of the House or Senate – that’s an important point to remember – and he did all sorts of insane things through executive order. He set that precedent and now Trump can do the same.

In the End

The upsides vastly outweigh the downsides from last night.

Because the losses taught lessons, which are the most important lessons.

This changed history. It cleared away any of the remaining fog of confusion about what exactly we are dealing with in this country.

This is a race war. 


And after 11/6/18, no one can deny that.