Middle-Eastern Barbarity in the Birthplace of Beethoven

Diversity Macht Frei
October 25, 2017

Here we have a Turkish wedding convoy in Bonn, Beethoven’s birthplace. This was last Sunday. The Turks stream past, horns honking, disrupting the traffic all around them. And shots from a gun are fired.


Firing weapons into the air in celebration is a common practice in many Mohammedan countries.  In fact, it regularly kills quite a few of them.

Disruptive wedding vehicle convoys are another Muslim tradition. Supposedly, whenever the great Prophet Mohammed got a new wife or sex slave, he and his pals would ride their camels crazily around Medina, knocking over market stalls and throwing spears randomly into the air.

Of course, thanks to mass immigration, this ancient Muslim tradition can now be witnessed throughout much of Europe. Here is another camel rampage from Lille, France, in 2012.