Mid-Week Meme Surprise: Maniac Memes at Deranged Discount Rates!

We’ve got memes out the wazoo here at Hoax Watch Discount Meme Outlet!

So come on down and get your memes before it’s too late and they’re too old to be relevant to share with your friends!

I mean, folks, we’ve still got Jack Murphy memes! These are hot but they won’t be here for long! Jack Murphy has gone into hiding! To be fair, he could just be planning a counterstrike against The Quartering!

This is my favorite meme this Thursday:

You might think it will be useless after February, but then it will just be relevant next February, right?

Big shout-out to this eternally relevant meme:

Hopefully, there will be a time when this one is less relevant:

Remember to move out of the densely-populated urban areas before they come to send you to a FEMA camp!

Alright then!

See ya!

Sorry, I know I said no more Star Wars references, but that “Luke’s Hand” got me. Some will appreciate it also. Some mayhaps not. We are an inclusive meme outlet.

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