Microsoft to Release New Hololens Augmented Reality System

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2018

This is actually way more important than VR.

A few years back, Microsoft came out with their “Hololens” system, which was a headset that projected 3d images onto the environment around you, creating a sort of “mixed” reality, combining virtual objects with normal ones.

It was pretty sick, tbh.

But it was also like, several grand. So it was aimed mostly at professionals, rather than normal people.

However, it seems like Microsoft is actually working hard to improve the tech and bring it to a wider audience.


It was a little over a year ago, that I broke the news that Microsoft had stopped the development of HoloLens V2 and was pushing forward to V3. Since then, I have been asked about a million times for more information about the upcoming device but if you know where to look, the company is developing the hardware in broad daylight.

Yeah I mean, it was cool as a scifi sort of tech demo…

Based on documents I was able to view, Microsoft is still targeting a Q1 release of the next gen headset. Additionally, the company is referring to the project internally as Sydney.

The device, according to the documents, will be lighter, more comfortable to wear, and have significantly improved holographic displays. But most importantly, it will cost significantly less than the current version of the HoloLens.

In other words, it’ll be far more accessible to people, and thus will likely yield new types of applications.

All of this is the natural evolution for the second generation of a piece of hardware but the good news is that it’s still on track for a release early next year.

What I don’t know is if the Q1 date is for general availability or for a developer preview. I could see Microsoft seeding the newer higher-end devices to developers prior to the general release of the hardware but that is only speculation at this time.

Based on the documents I was able to view, Microsoft is approaching the MR/VR market as a must-win market. This is likely because they are on the sidelines of the smartphone segment and missing out on this generation of devices would inflict serious long-term ramifications for the company about being anything more than a cloud company.

It’s great that someone is working on this augmented reality stuff, since Google seems to have abandoned the idea along with their Google Glass fiasco.

It looked pretty stupid.

The main problem, aside from the fact that it was super expensive and looked dumb, was probably that people were uncomfortable being filmed constantly. This could be rectified simply by having a big red LED flashing when filming or taking pictures. Whatever.

They’re still working on augmented reality for phones, but that’s not quite the same thing.

So why am I so stocked on AR?

Basically, because it merges “reality” with the internet. And that’s very good for the Alt-Right. Because the internet is where we rule.

Augmented reality, combined with new advances in artificial intelligence, could be an incredible boon for us. Imagine if there were programs for these AR platforms that could, at a glance, pull up all sorts of “problematic” information on everyone you meet.

This is annuda shoah!

We already have an AI program that can tell if people are faggots just from looking at their faces. Combine that with an instant search and analysis of their social media, and you could easily figure out their race, IQ, political stances, race-mixing relationships, criminal records or tendencies, and so on.

Having this information on people would be a temptation too seductive to pass up, even for the most die-hard normies.

You might think “oh, but then Alt-Right people could easily be found and doxed in the same way!”

Yes. All of them. Millions of them – simultaneously. How do you think shitlibs and Jews would react to suddenly realizing that half the White males they know are actually neon-Nazis?

Our world-view is based on reality. The Jew’s insane mind-control program is, conversely, built on an infinite edifice of lies. It would never withstand a sudden influx of cold, hard reality.

When a holographic star of David overlays most of the people on cable News, provided by people’s trusty AR displays, ZOG won’t be long for this world.

And when these things are miniaturized to the size of a contact lens, everyone will be wearing them.

This is a technology we should be putting our full weight behind.