Microsoft Sends a Guy to Jail for Using Legal Freeware to Fix Computers

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2018

A guy was using legally obtained freeware to reinstall the Windows OS on people’s computers and giving them the restore disk for the cost of the physical CD itself. Microsoft then sent him to federal prison for a year.

They did this by telling some retarded old judge that he was using software with stolen license keys and selling it for cash. As was previously stated, he was giving the disks to people for around 30 cents – not much more if anything more than the cost of the CD itself. The disks also only worked on computers which already have a valid license.

The thing is, the OS restore disks did not have any keys on them. They had the same (again, legally downloaded from legitimate sources provided by Microsoft for free) software that used to come with Windows computers when you bought them and needed to reinstall the OS for whatever reason.

Tech companies are abusing the legal system by putting old people or nogs without the ability to understand how any kind of technology works into a court and using buzzwords to trick them into putting innocents in jail.

I’m sure most of the readership here has had an experience with their parents or grandparents where they had to explain something to do with a computer to them. Imagine that you not going to federal prison for a year depended on you making your grandmother understand how technology works.

That is what tech companies are doing to people.