Microsoft Prepares to Take Over the Market with Broken, Stripped-Down New Windows Version

Daily Stormer
May 3, 2017

Actually, Ballmer quit Microsoft in 2014. I just really like this image.

Wow, Microsoft is really in a bad spot these days.

Basically, their main business was in selling Windows licenses to businesses and home computer manufacturers. Except that now most normies are doing their computing on phones and tablets, so the home PC market is shrinking fast.

Windows phones suck. People are running Android and iOS there.

Windows servers suck. People run BSD and Linux there.

Nobody’s really interested in putting Windows on “internet of things” devices, either.

On top of that, people looking to buy expensive luxury computers generally go for Apple stuff.

For a while, they were holding out in the education and business markets (where their active directory stuff was without competition), but now Google is starting to devour them there as well with their cloud-based enterprise systems and ChromeOS devices.

So Microsoft seems to have come up with some desperate measure to fight Google and protect their last scrap of territory.

Basically, there are no new features – only stuff stripped out.

The Verge:

Microsoft is introducing a new version of Windows 10 today: Windows 10 S. It’s essentially Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS, to simplify Windows for low-end hardware and in particular, the education market. “Everything that runs on Windows 10 S is downloaded from the Windows Store,” says Microsoft’s Windows chief Terry Myerson. That doesn’t mean that desktop apps won’t run on this version of Windows 10, but they’ll need to be specially packaged and listed in the Windows Store.

Wow, great idea.

One little problem though.

There’s like, nothing on the Windows store. There’s only a small fraction of the apps on Microsoft’s app store compared with the Android and iOS stores.

Wait – Amazon has an app store? And it’s the same size as Microsoft’s? Lol.

One of the biggest reasons to stick with Windows for a lot of people is to keep access to the huge library of legacy software, which was built over decades.

Apparently they’ve just released MS Office on their store – years later. You’d think that would have been among the first apps released there.

During a demonstration onstage, Myerson showed off the ability to support peripherals and devices just like regular Windows 10. Myerson also noted that Microsoft has “streamlined” the default wallpaper for Windows 10 S, a strange change to note during Microsoft’s keynote. “Windows 10 S will run any browser in the Windows Store,” says Myerson, hinting that if Google is willing to list Chrome in the Store then it will be available on devices that run Windows 10 S. Without Chrome, Microsoft has obviously focused on its Edge browser and in particular education sites and web apps.

Did I say “no new features?” Sorry. I didn’t mention the new wallpaper.

Well, if it’s got a “streamlined default wallpaper,” then I gotta have it.

Microsoft is basically paying the price for their decades of monopolistic business practices. For years, Windows was installed on every computer. It was the default. It was bland. Their brand is associated with boring productivity.

Because of that, they’ve completely failed to gain traction in the new developing spheres of computing – mobile, search, cloud, IoT, AI. Everyone else is seen as “more sexy.”

And with all the anti-White stuff they’ve been up to, it’s really hard to feel sorry for them.

[Editor’s Note: Basically, their only hope now is an ironic ad campaign. -AA]