Microsoft Dystopian Mass Surveillance Technology Under Scrutiny

All of this technology will eventually be used in the endless and ongoing Hunt for the Great White Terrorist.

The Hill:

Microsoft is facing new pressure from investors over its development and sale of surveillance technologies to law enforcement and its efforts to shape the policies regulating their deployment.

Three separate shareholder proposals filed this week reviewed by The Hill are demanding Microsoft evaluate whether its business model aligns with the tech giant’s stated commitments to racial justice and human rights.

The first, filed by the social-issues-focused firm Harrington Investments, calls on Microsoft leadership to “generally prohibit” the sale of facial recognition technology to all government entities and disclose any exceptions made to that rule.

Microsoft announced last summer that it would not sell the technology that scans faces for the purpose of identifying them to police departments until there is a federal law regulating its use amid renewed scrutiny during protests against police brutality.

That pledge did not make clear whether Microsoft would still sell the tech to other government agencies, like Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). For example, the company repeatedly tried to sell the Drug Enforcement Administration on its tech during 2017 and 2018.

Activists and privacy advocates have raised alarm about deployment of facial recognition by law enforcement both over inaccuracies and the surveillance power it can provide.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology released a study of more than 100 vendors, including Microsoft, in 2019 that found the majority of facial recognition systems have “demographic differentials” that can worsen their accuracy based on a person’s age, gender or race.

The proposal counts the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington among its supporters. Jennifer Lee, the group’s technology and liberty project manager, said in a statement to The Hill that “if Microsoft is truly committed to protecting our democratic freedoms and standing for racial justice, it must permanently divest from selling facial recognition technology to all government entities, including law enforcement.”

It doesn’t work as well on nonwhites because their features are less defined.

But it doesn’t have to work equally well when applied to different racial groups because it will only be used against white people.

Remember: according to the Biden Administration, white supremacy is “the greatest security threat to the country.”

We really need to be pushing the issue of FBI involvement in the Capitol Storm.

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If that issue blows up, it is at least going to pump the brakes on some of this really crazy stuff they’re planning to do to us. It will at least give us some extra time.