Michigan: Non-Black Stabs Old Man Over Mask Feud, Gets Shot 12 Times by Lady Cop

I told you people were going to start killing each other over this coronavirus lunacy.

This is the second mask death in Michigan, actually. A security guard was shot to death in May for telling someone to wear a mask.

People are being driven insane.

Lansing State Journal:

A Grand Ledge man who stabbed an elderly man outside a Quality Dairy store after being refused service for not wearing a mask was shot and killed by an Eaton County deputy several miles away, Michigan State Police said.

After the Grand Ledge man, Sean Ernest Ruis, 43, walked into the QD at Lansing Road and North Canal Road at about 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, a 77-year-old male customer confronted him about not wearing a mask, MSP Lt. Brian Oleksyk said. Tuesday was the second day of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s order that masks must be worn inside businesses.

The 77-year-old customer was wearing a mask, Ruis was not, Oleksyk said.

Both men left the store and got into an argument in the parking lot. Ruis stabbed the other man, then fled the area, Oleksyk said. The 77-year-old, who is from Lansing, is in stable condition. His name has not been released.

An Eaton County deputy located Ruis’ vehicle at about 7:13 a.m. in a neighborhood several miles away on Jerryson Drive in Delta Township, Oleksyk said. When the deputy made a traffic stop, Ruis got out of his vehicle and approached the deputy with a knife, Oleksyk said.

Oleksyk said the deputy retreated, ordered Ruis to drop the knife, and when he approached again she shot him. Ruis died in surgery at a Lansing area hospital, Oleksyk said.

Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich said Ruis was holding two knives in one hand and a screwdriver in the other when he went after the deputy.

The weapons are clearly visible in a still image taken from the deputy’s body camera footage and released by Reich during a news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

The deputy has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by state police and a review by Eaton County Prosecutor Doug Lloyd, Reich said.

An internal review of the incident will determine whether the deputy followed departmental rules, he said. But Reich said he believes she was in fear for her life when she shot the man.

“She had to use deadly force, and she did it properly,” the sheriff said.


It’s protocol to keep shooting when they’re on the ground?

The deputy was not physically injured, but her mental recovery from the ordeal is yet to be determined, and “I’m hoping that she will recover fully and go back to work,” Reich said.

Video released by police shows Ruis getting out of his vehicle and walking toward the deputy after she pulled him over. As he walks toward her, the deputy can be heard repeatedly yelling “drop it” and “drop the weapon.” Ruis parrots the deputy’s orders.

As Ruis passes the front of the deputy’s vehicle, he appears to lunge toward the deputy, the video shows. She fires several shots at Ruis, who continues approaching her until he’s close enough to touch her.

After the first round of shots, she quickly backs up. When Ruis continues toward her, she fires more rounds until Ruis collapses. Once he is down on the ground, she speaks into her radio: “Shots fired.”

The deputy, whose name was not released, is a 22-year veteran with the sheriff’s office, Oleksyk said.

Whitmer’s mask order is a no-win for retailers, said Meegan Holland, vice president of communications and marketing at the Michigan Retailers Association. If retailers do enforce it – which they have to, under Whitmer’s order – there will be angry customers. If they don’t, they could put their business and other customers in danger.

“It’s a really tough position for retailers to be in because they’re going to make somebody angry no matter what they do,” Holland said.

This is just gross, Fargo-tier dark lunacy.

Michigan is utterly brutal with this stupid virus hoax.

Ultra Cunt enforces the ultimate, purest form of Cunt Law and is seemingly driving the entire population directly into insanity on purpose.

She’s the one responsible for this death. She should by rights be charged for it – and for the stabbing. It is absolutely a criminal act to put so much pressure on people that they snap. And she does it purely for personal reasons, wanting to be the power-mommy.

Really, excluding Angela Merkel, I would say that I hate Gretchen Whitmer more than I hate any single individual on earth.

Here’s the bodycam video.

And a doorbell cam video.

He was obviously experiencing a psychological state. After he gets pumped full of bullets, he says, “Ugh. Damn.” Famous last words.

Never mind that this is apparently a white man being shot a whole helluva bunch of times by a cop. (The guy’s last name is Ruiz, but his two first names are white names, so he’s probably half some kind of latin. His skin is very light.

A female cop.

With a Chinese character tattoo on her wrist like absolute trash.

A male cop probably would have handled this situation a lot differently.

In fact, the man himself would have handled the situation differently if the cop had not been a nagging cunt.

In the video he mocks her for telling him to put the weapon down.

Whatever. I don’t think she should be prosecuted, obviously. He had a knife. It’s just so frustrating what they’re doing to us, breaking us down psychologically like this.

Most people are still confused, but I am seeing it for what it is: they are pushing us over the edge, on purpose. The psychological trauma of the coronavirus hoax is intended to make us weak so they can push this communist agenda on us. They want this lunatic asylum shit happening all the time, to increase the stress on people.

It’s actually a curse to be able to see all of this stuff for what it is.

Sometimes I feel like God is laughing at me.