Michigan: They Finally Found a Violent White Racist!

It is just so insane that federal authorities get involved with prosecuting a street fight if you are white and are alleged to have used certain words during the fight.

How did that ever become a law?

By the way – I still can’t get over the Times capitalizing “black” and not “white.” It’s just so cartoonish.

New York Times:

A white Michigan man was charged with a federal hate crime on Tuesday in an attack on a Black teenager during which he repeatedly used racial slurs before striking him in the face with a bike lock, prosecutors said.

The man, Lee James Mouat, 42, of Newport, also said that the Black teenager and his friends were “playing gang music” and “don’t belong on this beach,” in the confrontation at Sterling State Park, about 38 miles south of Detroit, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday in the Eastern District of Michigan.

The encounter, on June 6, came less than two weeks after the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, which touched off protests around the country against police brutality and systemic racism.

Note that the Times once again fails to define the concept of systemic racism, listing it alongside police brutality as if it is self-explanatory in the same was as “police brutality” is self-explanatory.

No one knows what systemic racism is, and if you ask a journalist, they either say “everything” or start talking about how people will walk to the other side of the street if they see a group of young black men approaching them (they don’t explain how you can protest that kind of behavior among the population).

Mr. Mouat was arrested shortly after the attack, which left the victim, Devin Freelon, 18, with a “facial fracture, facial lacerations and the loss of several teeth,” according to the complaint.

Mr. Mouat is already facing state felony charges of assault and ethnic intimidation. The new federal charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

A lawyer for Mr. Mouat did not respond to a telephone message Tuesday evening.

One witness said Mr. Mouat referred to the victim and his friends with a racial slur and also called them “monsters,” according to the complaint. “I want to hit them with this cooler” and “I wish someone would say something to me so I can beat them,” he said, according to this witness.

Another witness told investigators that Mr. Mouat yelled “Black lives don’t matter” at the victim and his friends before the attack.

A friend of the victim told investigators that Mr. Mouat yelled at them twice, saying, “This is my beach.” Both times he referred to them as a racial slur, this friend said.

Frankly, I would be almost 100% certain that this is a hoax.

The black provoked it, and then the friends all lied and said the white guy said the n-word.

Also, that he said “black lives don’t matter” is not especially believable. Less believable than that he said the n-word, in fact.

If he did, then who gives a shit? Some guys got in a fight on a beach and called each other names. We’re supposed to believe the blacks didn’t use anti-white language?

Part of what happens during a confrontation that eventually turns violent is that you insult the other person. If you don’t know them, the only thing you can really insult them on is their appearance. Race is a part of appearance. If the people have the same race, they will insult height, weight, facial appearance, etc.

So it not a big deal if he said it. But I don’t think he said it. I think everyone knows better, at this point.

But if he did: how can you blame him, after what the blacks have done to this country this year?

What is incredible is that white people aren’t actually just randomly attacking blacks on the streets like they’re saying is happening.