Michigan Pilot Writes “F U” to Top Cunt Across the Sky

Along with collapsing our economy, the government has used the flu hoax to roll out an entire new paradigm of government, where the government is everyone’s mommy and keeps them safe from the consequences of their own decisions.

The mommy agenda of the government is proving to be more and more unpopular with Americans, particularly those of us in the Midwest and California.

New York Post:

This frustrated Michigan pilot gives a literal flying you-know-what about his governor’s lock-down order.

Ed Frederick, 45, spent about an hour charting a path over Grand Rapids that spelled out this message for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: “F U,” with an arrow pointing directly over the governor’s mansion.

Frederick said he was inspired to hop in a propeller plane Friday morning after Whitmer announced an extension of the state’s emergency lockdown order through May 28.

“It’s a power trip,” Frederick told The Post.

Oh gee. A woman on a power trip.

Pure sexism. It is a discredited anti-vaginaistic trope, and a virulent canard, that when women are given power they become control freaks.

“The government, no matter Democrats or Republicans, always seem like they’re trying to do something just to prove they’re doing something, without weighing the ramifications.”

Frederick, who lives just outside Grand Rapids, said he owns a small business with his sister, and explained that he believed a lockdown was unnecessary for the entire state, considering the largest concentration of cases were in the southeast region around Detroit.

“That’s been an issue for a lot of people in the rural counties,” he added. “There are 82 counties, but really only four need to be locked down.”

Frederick believes Whitmer, a Democrat, has settled with a “draconian” statewide lockdown because a limited lockdown around the major city wouldn’t sit well with her base.

“[Whitmer] says this is for the safety of Michigan, but I think it’s for the safety of her keeping her votes, because the southeast is highly democratic,” he said.

Frederick said he was still getting by, yet sympathized with “the people walking that precipice, living paycheck-to-paycheck.”

But Whitmer and health experts have argued that state lockdowns help contain the spread of the coronavirus. She noted Thursday that counties of northern and western Michigan have begun seeing cases double within a week’s time.

“We must all continue to be diligent, observe social distancing and limit in-person interactions and services to slow the spread of COVID-19,” said Whitmer said in a statement urging residents to “work together.”

Do you remember the initial stated purpose of the lockdown? Because I do.

It was to “flatten the curve.” This decision was made based on a kook graph produced by the beta male faggot Neil Ferguson, who claimed based on hoax data that hospitals would be overwhelmed.

Hospitals are not overwhelmed. The nurses are all doing TikTok dances. But here we remain in our home prisons. And this cunt is talking about safety first.

Safety above freedom.

Safety about having a job.

Safety above eating food.

Safety first.

Methinks if it was explained that we were entering into an indefinite state of lockdown, with zero plan beyond “lol maybe there will be a vaccine? hahaha,” that fewer people would have gone along with this.

But the agenda just all of a sudden transformed itself, and now everyone is acting like safety was the goal from the beginning.