Michigan Official Refuses to Cuck After Calling for Killing “Every Last Moslem”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2017

The days of saying provocative things and then cucking out are over.

Now it’s just like “you’re gonna have to kill me, because I’m not apologizing.”

Detroit Free Press:

A village president in northern Michigan is refusing to apologize for sharing Facebook posts denouncing Islam and calling for the killing of “every last Muslim.”

The Record-Eagle of Traverse City reports that Kalkaska Village President Jeff Sieting said Monday that he doesn’t owe anyone an apology over his Facebook posts. Kalkaska is about 230 miles northwest of Detroit.

The posts were discovered by area native Cindy Anderson, who along with others unsuccessfully sought an apology last month. They’re now looking to remove Sieting from office.

One post Sieting shared said Muslims are destructive and “there is simply no place for them in our world.”

Sieting says his comments are protected by the First Amendment and that those trying to oust him from office are only doing so because they oppose President Donald Trump.

When we told you that the time for fear came later, we meant now.

Now is later.

When you have elected officials calling for the death of all Moslems and then refusing to apologize, that is when you want to be afraid.

Because there is absolutely no coming back from this.

We have passed the point of no return.

You pushed us this far, Jews.

And the cat is out of the bag.

One thing about cats and bags: once it’s out, it isn’t going back in.

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