Michelle Obama Says America is a Colony of Africa – She Should Go Back to Her Country

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2019

Whether or not Michelle Obama is actually a tranny is still a matter of intense public debate. What is not a matter of debate is that this nigger has always hated America.

More and more, people think she should go back to her country.

The nigger Obama once said that she was “never proud” of America until her husband was nominated as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

Following brutal attacks on America by the all-female super-villain group known only as “The Squad,” Obama has now come out and claimed that America is a colony of Africa, and belongs to the blacks, saying “it’s our America.”

Sorry bitch, no. This is MY AMERICA.

The only people who are Americans are white people. You are simply a rude guest.

If she hates our country so much, she should go back to Africa.

I don’t know what she is doing here in the first place.

She can talk about “oh, they brought me here as a slave,” but slavery was hundreds of years ago and she is from a wealthy black family. She can afford a ticket home. If she can’t afford a ticket home, I’d be happy to buy her a ticket home. But she can afford it.

Donald Trump needs to call this bitch out and tell her to go back to her country like he told the rest of those apes to go back to theirs.

We have to get these “people” the hell out of our spot, because they are totally wrecking it.