Michelle Malkin Defends Groypers Again, Says It’s the Kids That are Brave, Not Her

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2019

Relevant parts at 2:24

Michelle Malkin went on Newsmax TV – about the only place that’s going to allow her on at this point – to talk about getting blacklisted by Young America’s Foundation and being banned from recent speaking engagements.

The host asked her if she was really a white supremacist and Holocaust denier, and she said that she’s just trying to keep immigrants out of America.

She was asked about Nick Fuentes and the Groypers (though the interviewer refused to name them), and she again said she doesn’t care what people say, she’ll defend them.

“I don’t want them thrown under the bus, and that’s why I’ve basically hurled myself into this debate. Not because it profits me, but because I care about the future of our country.”

“I’m risking nothing. It’s these kids that are risking their futures and their lives speaking up,” she added.

At the Boston State with ICE event this weekend, she had an opportunity to stand with an advocate of Hot Stuff.

She meets him at 12:18 in this clip, and she clearly knows what the meme is.

Hilariously, Richard Spencer is now an asset to us.

They are claiming that America First is the same thing as the Alt-Right, and we can truthfully say:

The Alt-Right? You mean that thing run by Richard Spencer, the guy who hates Christianity, who hates America, considers himself a globalist, supports homosexuality, beats his wife and said that thing about melted Swiss/roasted mushroom/caramelized onion burgers? Nah bro, you’re confused. We love Jesus, we love America and we order our burgers with ketchup, pickles and normal onions.

The next thing is probably going to be Charlie Kirk pulling out a video of Nick Fuentes claiming that it shows him eating a Spencer Burger.

“You say your leader only eats Big Macs, but I have a video of him eating a melted Swiss, roasted mushrooms and caramelized onion burger, and after he bites into it, he can be heard muttering to himself ‘that’s hot stuff.'”

Let me just tell you right now: if any such video of Nick is released, it is a deep fake.

Nick Fuentes only eats Big Macs. 

Except on Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving, he eats turkey, like any God-fearing American.