Michael Tracey Promotes Anti-Semitic Canard That the Media Lied About Trump Being a Russian Agent

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2019

Journalist Michael Tracey has a new article out in The New Indian Express entitled “How the U.S. media failed in Russiagate.”

In it, he promotes the vicious anti-Semitic canard that Trump is not a Russian agent and the media lied about it.

He lists three people who promoted the Iraq war and then went on to promote the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is a Russian agent:

  1. Johnathan Chait
  2. Jefferey Goldberg
  3. David Frum

All three of these men are Jewish, and it is a vicious canard to point out the fact that they hoaxed the Iraq war and then went on to hoax the Russian conspiracy.

There is a way to criticize the fact that the media consciously lies to the public and promotes massive, destructive hoaxes in order to achieve diabolical goals without being anti-Semitic. However, what Tracey did was anti-Semitic, because he named the Jewish people responsible for these hoaxes.

In order to criticize the media for lying without it being anti-Semitic, you have to not say who is lying, and not say that they are lying. Even if you do not believe the media, or they are proven to be lying, you cannot say they are lying, because they are all Jews, and thus it is a canard and a trope that they would lie to non-Jews in order to promote a Jewish agenda.

For millions of years, vitriolic haters have falsely claimed that the Jews control the media and use it to lie to people to promote a Jewish agenda. It has been totally debunked, and the fact that a bunch of Jews just got caught lying to promote a Jewish agenda doesn’t mean that Jews lie to promote a Jewish agenda.