Michael Tracey Debates Cenk Uygur on the Idiot Russia Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2019

Michael Tracey is a communist extremist who is planning to kill all of the Jews in order to instigate a worker’s paradise.

It’s not my thing – but hey. We’re all on the same team here.

Just trying to exterminate these disgusting and evil rats.

I would be fine starving to death in a gulag as long as I knew all the Jews were dead.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m being sarcastic.

Tracey is not a genocidal maniac – he is just a typical leftist who isn’t a total shill and a liar. So he basically looks like someone who wants to exterminate Jews. Because there is virtually no distinguishable difference between an honest person just telling the truth and a virulent genocidal neon-nazi.

Tracey actually worked for The Young Turks in 2017-18. Now he works I don’t know where. He’s on Patreon.

His Twitter is very good.

He debated the rapist patriarch of The Young Turks this week on the whole Russiagate drama.

Tracey was one of the only journalists who said the Russia hoax was a hoax. Cenk is literally still saying that there is Russian collusion, even while MSNBC and everyone else has given up.

Tracey is not a Trump supporter, at all. A total shitlib. All he has said is that the Russian thing is a hoax. And you weren’t allowed to say that without getting accused of being a Trump shill.

Tracey has actually been calling out collusion with Israel – as have Glenn Greenwald and Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi, the only other two honest leftist journalists (also Russia deniers).

It’s very evident that journalists are not simply leftists pushing an extremist agenda, they are actual liars. A lot of leftists, like Michael Tracey, are just honest people with endocrine disorders.

Cenk is actually just fucking stupid. Literally, he’s just borderline retarded. He doesn’t read, he doesn’t have any idea what’s going on. He acts like he’s against CNN and mainstream media, but that’s where he gets all his information. That and NPR. He apparently actually believes in this idiotic hoax. Like, he really bought in fully. Otherwise, he could have denied it and been vindicated. He runs a YouTube channel, he’s not required to push a specific line like CNN journalists are.

“I believe he is definitely taking orders from the Russians.” -Cenk, April 2019

He clearly has no idea how stupid he actually is, or he never would have done this debate. Just in general, there are a lot of things he wouldn’t do if he understood how stupid he is. To be fair, most stupid people do not know how stupid they are. But most people, when they have someone just beating the shit out of them with simple facts, understand that they’re being beat, at the very least. Note that this debate came about after Tracey had confronted Cenk on Twitter for promoting this hoax.

This Russia thing really is like a mind virus. I have also said that about many right-wing conspiracy theories, which I am generally highly critical of. It’s like this stuff attaches itself to your brainstem and just can’t ever be dug out. So it isn’t surprising that a really stupid conspiracy theory victim like Cenk would be capable of continuing to believe, even when he’s proven wrong.

So the debate is interesting, just as a piece of psychology at the least.

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