Michael Moore Predicts Trump Victory

Michael Moore calling it is a good sign.

If you’ll recall, Michael Moore called it last time.

Here’s his Facebook post.

Sorry to have to provide the reality check again, but when CNN polled registered voters in August in just the swing…

Gepostet von Michael Moore am Freitag, 28. August 2020

You have to wonder what is even going through Moore’s head at this point.

He’s fat, but he’s not totally as stupid as most fat people, and he’s always been a classic kind of liberal, where he wanted America to look like Denmark, with free healthcare and so on.

Now he’s in a situation where he has to support multinational corporations, mass political censorship, war, abolishing the police, dissolving the nuclear family, transsexualism and violent black riots. At some point, he has to be asking, “what am I actually even doing here?”

Which part of the current program does he support?

Does he support the part where the Democrats completely wiped out the middle class and all small businesses, turning over their money to Jeff Bezos, using a virus hoax? Does he support the part where Joe Biden is saying that Trump is failing at foreign policy because he won’t start a war with Russia? Does he support the part where Michelle Obama is reporting from her $12 million mansion that she is oppressed?

I don’t really understand how an honest, intelligent person could be “against capitalism,” given that the options are either communism or this system that we have now. But I would think if you were against capitalism, you would be more opposed to a system of billionaires controlling all wealth while a small minority of poor people scrounge around in the dirt than you would be against capitalism. That is to say: surely, capitalism is better than what we have now, and what the Democrats are pushing for more of?

It’s fascinating to imagine what these people are thinking.